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does anyone know how the (old?) hell kennedy jacket runs size-wise?


i was always under the impression that a77 jackets run about a size small (or atleast a size slimmer), but i tried on one of the newer a77 riders jackets a couple days ago in medium and it was fairly boxy/large..

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Also another question...does anyone here size up 1 on the Joeys? Or do they stretch enough within a day or two to diminish the whole wet suit fit? I'm just trying to confirm something this cat at Seven told me (him already wearing some new Joeys and saying that they were on their much roomier 2nd day...the first day having been close to skin-tight).

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can anyone here who has experience ordering from royalcheese tell me if they were also really slow with updating the status of your order? i ordered some joeys from them on august 1 and my order status is still Commande archivée

Maybe im just being impatient but i dont wanna wait 21 friggin business days only to find out my jeans havn't shipped yet. Should i email them or wait it out a while longer?

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Dictators, Size 30, Overdyed Black

Sized down 2 from my true waist to achieve a slim fit, since these are "relaxed" compared to the Joey (I think they are almost as tight as a 32 in the Joey Overdrives). They don't really look tight but they definitely have a scuba suit quality to them when putting them on. I'm still up in the air about them...may go a size up for more of a slouchy fit. Will A77's stretch much around the knee and thigh areas (a few people, clerks, have told me "yes, they stretch quite a bit, even with only after a couple of days")?




One last one...


Blew out the brightness a bit to make sure all silohuette'age is shown. Opinions on stretch'ability and/or fit?

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is there a website that states the different cuttings and their measurements of all april77 jeans?

also, do they fit true to size? how much do they stretch approximately after a few wears? i understand that they're a pretty 'stretchy' jeans, so if they stretch perhaps 1 to 2 size up, will the thighs and calves area still hug to your legs?

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kinda like the direction a77 is taking with the record label, seperating the two lines, new web format, etcetc...a lot of people still dont know a77 and it always surprises me cause i thought they were pretty well known by now...hmm...

i havent washed my joey colordrive blacks in about a year and got soaked from the rain yesterday...looks as black as i first bought em yay.

i shouldve sized down one on the leopards. shouldve sized up one on the batcaves they are fucking tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight(but comfy still).

i really want a lot of the fw line, but i need to stop buying jeans so i'll probably just buy one of the acid washed jeans...

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can you help me out with the sizing on the colordrives? I want a Colordrive Pearl (light grey) like here: http://www.royalcheese.com/fr/april-77-jeans-joey-colordrive-pearl/909-2-c.html

I want to go for the skin-tight look.

I wear a 29 in Joey Overdrives 1955 (after some washing still pretty tight in the legs and waist, when I bought these it was some effort to close the button),

a 30 in Dischord Comforts (tight, some drapery at the knees)

and a 31 in Joey Hi-Standards (when I bought these the legs were very tight, had even some problems with my thighs, leg was a bit loose but ok, can stick a finger in, now after some washing the garment is easing, still tight with more space for my thighs and some drapery at the knees).

I had a grey Colordrive in 31 as my first Joey, where ok in the shop (still not as tight as my Hi-Standard now, and the waist was loose as hell), but after first wearing and washing I had more of a Dior Homme 19 cm look which I didn't like.

What size do you think would fit me best considering the pants will ease and have a bit of stretch? 29 or would it be better to go with a 28 and hold my breath till they are easing? Unfortunately Royalcheese is out of 29s so I'm tending to 28s, but I don't want to have the same dissappointment with the corduroy Hells Bells in 30 (!) I had, which were so fucking small and tight I needed force to pull them over my legs and the rise was so low my butt was saying hello when I bent over...

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I dont know shit between joeys, overdrives, munich, let alone the cuttings etc. But I wanna get a pair real bad. Something slim, but not tight liek spandex. Grey or black. Maybe both. Any recs?

you probably want the dictator-cut. but i don't know what colors they come in. you can try to size up 1 or 2 on the joeys (skintight cut) and they'll look like this:


on royalcheese.com you get get em for a very good price.

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