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Denim Experiment

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i have a feeling a day or two won't make much of a difference in the scope of wearing a denim for one whole year.

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386...don't be such a wuzz...last one in - 1st one to complain....I was being nice because it's true - no newspaper at midnight - now get a grip and soak..

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Thought this was an interesting denim experiment included in Lightning Magazine's first Denim Style Book:

Whose job is most respectable?


Three guys at Flathead performed this experiment few years back. One of them was the president, the other a sales rep and the last a stockist. All three of them began wearing same raw Flathead XX models the same day and kept wearing them for three years straight.

Fading depends on factors like how they're worn, how they're washed and how they're shafed. One question was which of these factors is the most important?

President Kobayashi of Flathead said, "I couldn't allow myself to lose to these guys, so I washed my jeans more frequently than the other two." But as apparent as it is in the results, washing didn't seem to make much of a difference. What's crucial in fading is abrasion. Here's a great example to illustrate that point.


i dont know if this was ever asked but, was this flathead contest just for bragging rights or what?

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