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Cheap Monday


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I don't like:

crappy cinch

exposed rivets

stitching is not the best, but not bad either

I like:

the denim, quite thick and irregular, nice color. Could probably fade alright, but I'm not sure.

waistband patch


flag on backpocket

susp buttons

2tone stitching

I'd get the pair without the cinch or remove a couple of things from this version.

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i know CHEAP MONDAY is a litte bit over here but i'm really interssted how this deim fades....

questions abot shapes, washes or or or..... plese here.

for me personally was CM the introduction into tighter jeans.

"what? they cost only 50 euros? let's try TIGHTER jeans!"

after this i got into the APC, ACNE and DIOR madness.

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No usefull answer from me but im also really interested. I'm just in the process of figuring out which pair to get, a lot of the regular ones seem quite similar! sxxxe, what pair did you get?

P.S- I might have to hit you up with a PM in a few weeks asking for some shopping/clubbing tips in berlin.Ill be staying there for 3 or so months with my dad soon. (originaly a berlin, havnt lived there in a long time though)

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I have the same interest. My thing is--the caliroots site has some terrible model shots of the jeans that look baggy or unflattering. I assume they are a baggier fit--but lots of pics of people wearing them are quite slim.

I guess I was interested in maybe having a cheaper pair of raws that were a bit loose fitted.

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I gave mine a preliminary hot soak inside out to get rid of the starch and shrink them a bit. One result is that they're not that stiff, hence the honeycombs are mediocre at best. You could always spray on some starch if that floats your boat.

They seem to be fading nicely around the pockets/thighs/etc--at the price point, no real complaints.

If you don't like the maximalism of Nudie, and can't afford Dior, I think they're a goer. Acne are nice, but hardly fade at all, I understand.

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I went down about 3 sizes on my regular raw. I normally wear a 30, these are a 27 and have stretched a ton, so much that I need to wear a belt with them. The denim is black, and after a couple months of hard wear, shows almost no sign of fading. I love the fit and the denim is nice, but the construction isn't great.

Here's a couple pics I already posted on WAYWT:



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As i understand it, all tight/slim models are stretch. Regular, Loose, Pamper and the Latjo Lajban Vintage line is stretch free.

Regular and loose are pretty shitty denim, thin and soft, which isnt what atleast I´m looking for in raw denim. Some older "regular" are better though, so if you can find that...

Latjo Lajban is a bit better denim, especially the new selvage ones.

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does anybody happen to know which cheap monday models fit "the baggiest"?i know there all pretty tight, and im down with tighter pants, but i just dont want pants that look like im wearing seram wrap or scuba gear pants..

regular, the new "loose" or the latjo lajban models. Neither is tight..

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i have the black ones that gnar has and they are awesome. Mine have gotten an overall fade cause i have washed em prolly 6 times since i bought them in august. I skate in em a lot so i gotta keep em fresh but yeah, they are a great fit. I kinda wanna get another pair in a different color. Does anyone have any of the other colors?

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Guest MdJesus77

hey, i was interested in buying some regular fit black raws, just need help on sizing, im a 29x32 in levis 514 slim straights, so would i be a 26 or 27 waist in cheaps?

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