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Cheap Monday


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I have a pair of 30/32 and a couple 31/32 Levi 511s and they both fit very differently. The 30/32s I have look more like Levi 510s, while the 31/32s fit more like the pictures I posted on the previous page. I usually end up wearing my 31/32s because they are a little more comfortable for me.

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Here are pics of my cheap mondays before the second wash and after! I waited 3 months after the first wash cause I could not stand it anymore :pahhaa but it came out really nice! :)

This is 3 months after the first wash.



And this is what it looks like after the wash! ahhah woot!:rolleyes:



I think I'm going to retire them and pick up a new pair ahhaha any suggestions? :)

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Jesus Chau how'd you get 5 green boxes?

I washed my Cheap Mondays and the waste shrunk significantly. They were a great fit after the wash. They've stretched since then though so now they're more loose fitting.

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do autobahn in unwash fit the same as autobahn in other washes?

Nope. It seems that the autobahn in unwash is ridiculously vanity sized; I have a pair of size 29's and my waist is 32 yet it is still loose in the waist. As far as I've seen the other washes seem to be more true to size.

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Vanity sized my ass. My ass! I just bought a pair of Italian Unwash in 28 because they didn't have any of my true 29s in stock.

Tight, in the waist... I really had to work, like... I felt like a woman trying to squeeze into that pair of jeans she wore when she was ten years younger, before she was married. I felt a bit ridiculous.

I should make it clear that I am not fat, overweight, husky, or built. Some(read: many) may call me skinny, those people would be right. But these pants made me feel like a porker. I know they'll stretch. God I hope they stretch.

Now that they're buttoned up who wants to enter the pool to see how long it takes the button to blow?

Besides this $70 fuck-up, they're nice pants. They do seem a we tad... cheap.

But whatev.


Hopefully they'll hold. I imagine they will. Anyhow, off to coffee and some concerted writing.


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With the Autobahn unwashed, how much do they usually stretch? Tobi has the waist on a size 32 as 35.5, so im thinking to go down 2 and ill be at 33.5, and being a 34 true waist that seems like I should be good.

That should be fine.

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