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low w/ the dum and most others

med w/ zelah, fookmas, and BoL

high w/ yuljo and servo

super w/ sidneylo

dum, we should be med. i think it's cause i don't have any rap/hippityhop on my top50...wait, so, no...we ought to be low then. heh.

...and if folks want to dickmeasure -- Tracks played: 53,943 :cool:

doesn't mean a person's got taste (or a life)... :rolleyes::P

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Yeah I'm mostly Very High with notesee because his #1, Cormega, is in my top #20. Both have Ghostface pretty high in the list too. No matter what, I'm a hip hop kiddie at heart and it shows.

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Interested to see if any one matches.

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Prof, I've only known one person that had it actually upload their itunes history. I started from nothing, I like that more anyway I think.

mpcec and I are Medium.

Awesome, I'm usually only very high with people who've listened to a ton of Emma Bunton, who I love to death, but her inclusion on my list throws off potential compatibilities alot haha.

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i dont get how it tabulates how many times you listen to a song.like, ive listen to a whole album, and it says ive only listened to two songs by that artist in the last week.

i wonder about that myself...

anyway--some things to check: is the album or songs tagged properly, do you skip before half way or whenever the last.fm prog scrobbles, and sometimes when the songs are too short they don't get scrobbled, blahblahblah.

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Seksu, the weekly chart is done sunday at midnight (in england). The overall charts are just whenever they feel like pretty much.

And if you mean the song is actually not getting scrobbled at all either you tagged it badly and they didn't accept it (I had tracks named "track #" and they dont accept that of course) or you skipped before your app is set to scrobble (mine is at half-way).

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