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Visvim Community Sale Thread


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08' Horsehide Visvim Elmendorf for sale. Size medium $OLD (+ 4% if using PayPal ) including shipping worldwide.

Great patina. Some wear & tear to the lining. cuffs recently replaced by leather specialist repairer.

Happy to send additional pics if interested

Also listed here :https://www.grailed.com/listings/925506IMG_1571_zpsjqi4uf4x.jpgFullSizeRender_zpsntd7kxt1.jpgIMG_1572_zpsfvepwgsd.jpg

Price reduction

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FS: DS Clot x Visvim Christo in Medium, $750usd obo

DS Kiefer in elk leather, size US 9.5, $500obo

Have 2 pairs of FBT for sale as well. I will post pics once im with my laptop.

Feel free to offer, worst case is just a "NO", no hard feeling. I am motivated to sell but dont know what the current market price is.

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-01 Slim 04D5 Washed Denim 32x30 Condition 8/10, light staining from belt (Need to check about bag/tags). $215 shipped CONUS


-15aw Mies Coat Wool Twill Black Size 3, condition 9.5/10 (little dusty from storage, have garment bag+tags), $775 Shipped CONUS


-12ss 101 Jacket DMG Size 3, First release with deerskin indigo suede patch $500 CONUS

-13ss 101 Jacket Non-Wash Size 3, condition 9/10 (have garment bag + tags). Asking $480 USD

-16aw Dotera Wool Stripe Black Size 3. New with tags. Asking $1100 shipped CONUS




Would consider selling the following only if extreme interest (price non-negotiable):


-15aw Frank Soutien Collar Coat 3L Khaki Size 3, condition 9.5/10 (have garment bag + tags)


-15aw Iris Liner Jacket Khaki (Olive) Size 3, condition 9.5/10 (recently dry cleaned, have garment bag + tags)


-14ss Kerchief Down Jacket Indigo Check (White) Size 3, condition 9/10 (Need to double-check on garment bags + tags)


-15ss Brigadier Boot Folk Brown (Pink calico heel) Size 10, condition 8.5-9/10. Worn about 10 times in total, minimal heel drag. 





-16ss Thorson Jacket Dorozome Mud-Dye Olive Size 3, fits oversized. Condition 9.5/10 (have garment bag + tags)


-14ss Kerchief Dots Tunic Indigo Size 3, condition 7.5-8/10 (light fading in fabric, have bag+tags), $300 shipped CONUS 


-16ss Black Elk Flannel Brown/Indigo plaid Size 3 Condition 9/10 (bag only), $250 shipped CONUS

-14aw Granger Blazer Cotton Wool Black Size 4, condition 9/10 ( recently dry cleaned, have garment bag + tags), $500 Shipped CONUS 



Bump, Dotera Wool Stripe also for sale: https://www.grailed.com/listings/1061187-Visvim-Dotera-Coat-Wool-Stripe-2016-AW  

can give better price on here

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price inclusive of shipping and fee's


Roland Joggers M12 (fit 11) new






ICT Artifact Coverall Lt Indigo 

size 3 - p2p: 53cm, shoulder: 43cm, length: 72cm





HW Slacks Navy, lightweight beach wool, worn once

Size 4 - waist: 90cm, length: 68.5cm, hem: 17.5cm





Margery Shirt, Green

Size 3 - p2p: 56cm, shoulder: 54cm, length: 68.5cm





does it new the ICT Artifact Coverall Lt Indigo 

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Considering parting with the ICT Lhamo in Kofu (vintage indigo fabric) size 3. Just looking to get exactly what I paid on the webstore: $1,150. Now sold out everywhere. 


Looks SIMILAR to this: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/436567757610743149/


Will send exact pictures to any interested buyers as each piece is different. Mine is brand new, never worn except to try on. 

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