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Visvim Community Sale Thread


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Selling some of my Visvim collection. Some information on my size, I could fit into a Nike Us9 but due to my "boxy" feet, Us9.5 is more comfortable. I have just moved to Malaysia for a job, so everything will be sent out from there


Visvim Laramie Folk light brown size 8

I could fit into this, matter of fact I worn it twice outdoor. It is more on the tight side for me. This will suit anyone with Us9 and below. Bought them from Someday store, Melbourne. If you were going to ask why I bought it, I love them very much, and thought I could fit in comfortably, and these are the last pair in store. No hole, no stain, out of box condition. Bought for $600, selling for $450 plus shipping.






Visvim Skagway Hi Denim Patchwork size 9.5


Worn around 5 times, not really willing to let these go but I don't get to wear them much nowadays. They are running a bit bigger than usual 9.5 so I think it will suit a US10 too. No hole, no stain, out of box condition. Distressing is done by Visvim, and any scuffs or signs of wear are intended and came this way from Visvim. Bought from Collette, selling for $250 plus shipping. 







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Have some stuff for sale 




Visvim White Crochet Bar Pocket Tee SS (Vintage Slub) sz 3 - $120

Visvim Gray Blanket Pocket Tee SS  sz 3 - $120

Visvim White Albacore Shirt  sz 2 - $240

Visvim Bandito Shirt sz m(2) - $150

Visvim Beige Slim Chino (Giza) sz 2 -$250

Visvim Social Sculpture Non Washed 03 sz 34 - $280




Items are located in auckland , new zealand


$25 ship Worldwide 


For fast response email [email protected]

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[FS] Visvim Size 8 Boots: Vanguard Boots-Folk (Dk. Brown) + Willys Boots Mid-Folk (Brown & Dk. Brown)


All prices include paypal fee and USPS priority shipping in the U.S. w/ tracking number. Please inquire if international. Paypal only. For fast response email [email protected].


Visvim Vanguard Boots-Folk (Dark Brown) - price: $670
Condition: Pretty much new -- only worn to try on a few times inside the house
Size: 8








Visvim Willys Mid-Folk (Brown) - price: $670
Condition: Near deadstock -- only worn a handful of times 
Size: 8







Visvim Willys Mid-Folk (Dark Brown) - price: $760
Condition: Brand new
Size: 8





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[FS] Visvim Barnstorm Jacket Size 2 - price: $900


Price includes paypal fee and USPS priority shipping in the U.S. w/ tracking number. Please inquire if international. Paypal only.

Condition: New -- only worn to try on.
Size: 2 
Details: Melange wool-blend w/ kangaroo leather sleeves




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1. Visvim Kerchief Dots Tunic Shirt Size 2   SOLD


2. Visvim Deckhand Jkt Black Size 4  SOLD


3. Visvim Border Crew Indigo Size 2  SOLD


4. Visvim SS Unwashed 03 Size W34xL30  SOLD


5. Indigo Camping Trailer Tee Dk Indigo Natural Dye Size 4  SOLD


6. Visvim Chinos Olive Size 3  SOLD

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For Sale:


Visvim Llamo Folk FBT White (9): $485.



Visvim Virgil Brown (9): $585.



Visvim Virgil Kangaroo Light Brown (9.5): $585.


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Virgil Virgil-Folk US12 

Used but good condition - if you're iffy and not sure about buying used boots don't buy these, don't waste my time and yours. 

Worn a handful of times, a good clean would make these look almost brand new.

$480 USD + shipping OBO

Virgils will be shipped from Melbourne, Australia and due to weight, won't be cheap.  

Will only trade for FBTs and FBT Lhamos size 12 ONLY unless you have a n(n) nomad in xl. 


PM me for any enquiries - detailed pics available. 








Price reduction again.... $480 USD + shipping OBO 

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FW10 Visvim Elmendorf - Black Horsehide


WTS $1400 or Trade for something of similar value. Looking for overcoats, down jackets. I believe I would be a Visvim Size 2 now. Taken up weight lifting and this is now a little too tight. I think it would ideally suit someone 5'9 140-150 36 or 34 suit (enjoys layering).

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Selling my Size 3 Visvim Valdez parka, and also a Visvim Nomad jacket here: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/157514-apc-battenwear-edwin-filson-nigel-cabourn-norse-projects-nn07-sns-herning-universal-works-visvim-white-mountaineering/


Also looking for a size 4 deckhand+ valdez  if anyone has one.



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up - really looking to sell this jacket.




Selling Valdez size 1 in Olive. Brand new, worn just once but too small on the chest for me. I uploaded new pictures


Price: EUR 1'650 (open to reasonable offer)

Take advantage of the weak EUR guys :)



Also selling Henley from S/S14 in Ivory size 1. Too small for me as well.

Price: EUR 60







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Visvim kangaroo armigers, black, sz10US - 550$

Not much wearing them, leaving the vibram vibe

Juicy thick yet light on the feet kangaroo leather

Fits TTS


Visvim x Sophnet vd deck sz9,5US - 240$

Comes with bag & tags




Armgers on hold

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