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Looks like you did! What never ceases to amaze me is that even with an economy shot to hell with people losing their jobs, brands are as popular as ever, and new shops keep opening at a regular pace.

Jean Snow


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read that on the plane last week..well done and quite to the point...bravo !

also check wallpaper Jan04 issue..12 tips for smart travelling....SUPERFUTURE is mentioned for providing 'footsoldier' shopping service in this 'mesmerizing city' that is Tokyo...well done again !

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whether you said it or not, it's a great quote, wayne!

interesting article too ... i read the bit on hong kong - grew up there, and feel compelled to add more to what's written about the dress code. hong kong's a very fashionable place, they're highly influenced by the leading trends in the major fashion capital cities of the world. the main trendsetters are the men and women in the canto-pop scene (cantonese popular music) and their styles are often captured by the paparazzis of the local weekly magazines and followed by everyone except the old traditional locals.

to survive in hong kong, you really have to be a brand/label worshipper as the mentality there have been conditioned to acquaint high-end brands and labels to be no. 1 where quality is concerned - and if that quality can be guaranteed, so much the better. which is why chanel and louis vuitton's such a hit. it's generally the appreciation of quality by the in-crowd.

what works in hong kong is a great hair-cut, clothes chosen to really flatter you, and the slimmer you are, the better as the hong kong chinese babes are perpetual waifs! the stylish hong kong chinese babe also has this thing of never wearing the same outfit three months straight - so that generally means, a change of more than 90 outfits for the average babe executive!

for those in the creative, you'll get by wearing anything the mtv scene promotes.

the tai-tai scene is one that's often photographed, or if the ladies get together for lunch, you'll fit if you look like a wanabee charlie's angel, preferably, demi moore.

i love hong kong, that place always gives me a natural high!

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