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Evolution of Leather Goods: Before and After Pictures

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I'm so glad you started this thread... although it'll take me a while to post up some before and after pics of my unstained leather belt.

I had to tan it yesterday because the color looked a little too much like human flesh... I felt like a cannibal o_O. The neat thing is, it got a tan line in the process.

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You and Naoto make me cry....

I'm trying to have the same wallet as yours....is it a thick wallet??can you easily put it in your back pocket??



greetings, dave. welcome to the ghost of the future past.

i wish NAOTO would show up here. he has the most resplendent finery.

sadly, i have to report that while the HRO1A does fit in nudie backpockets, it is a bit of a struggle taking it out due to the prominent button and general HUGENESS of the wallet. it has gotten smaller with the effort of sitting, but it is still larger than the wallets designed for today's active lifestyles and certainly changes the contours of ones posterior.

nevertheless, the wallet is luxurious and a pleasure to own.

i encourage others to post pictures of their leather goods: fucked up belts, broken in boots, frayed whips, etc.

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Does the after picture look lighter because of the flash, or did the wallet get like that?

Nice wallet.

No, it was the flash - the colour is a little bit darker, if anything.

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So it would seem like we can now see the difference between knock off and RM leather. As tanned my wallet, neats footed it, and used it non stop since May 12 (2.5 months).

Before: IMG_110009.JPG

After: IMG_1195.JPG


***also, my inside has not change colours really at all, less the suntanning. The RMs may come darker to start, so it seems.

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Dr. J...is that the LV Nomade Wallet with Coin Pocket or Porte-Valeurs Billet 10 CC?

I've had my Nomade LV Porte-Billets 6 CC for several years now as a gift from my wife. It was stunning when I first received it. However it is grown even more incredible over the years.

At first, it was a gorgeous, very light, color ('natural cowhide tanned with plant extracts'). But I used it hard and now it's such a deep, rich, lustrous caramel color - it GLOWS!

I've learned to dislike the vast majority of the LV lineup - each one of the many LV products I've bought my wife over the years has exhibited poor durability/workmanship even after very light & limited use.

But my Nomade wallet is nonpareil not only among the rest of LV but also vs. other leather makers.

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It's the Porte-Valeurs Billet 10CC - I was tired of having to cram two or three cards in each slot of my previous wallet, and wanted something that could hold a lot. I must admit I was slightly tempted by the perforated Marc Jacobs LV wallet purse, even if it was a woman's purse, but this one won out.

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As a matter of fact it did. Funny actually, I had pics taken of all these belts I had accumulated from Gap for stoooopid cheap (all under 5 dollars), and was ready to sell them off as they did not fit. I had an operation and could not work for alot of the summer, then I started working construction and have lost a vast amount of weight through to present. Thus, I now fit in them. Yay for me?

Cheers, Wish I was getting this kind of love in the buttondown shirt thread :)

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I got it from www.leathergoodsconnection.com...

the site looks a little amateur and hokey at first, but the guy know what's up in the world of leather today. I showed him a pic of rnrswitch's gear and asked for a quote on it, to which he replied 1) it looked like something from RedMoon Japan (which I hadn't even mentioned) and 2) that he was planning doing something like that in the future, but wasn't really interested in doing something like that right now.

As for the materials, the belt is made of "Oak Harness leather", according to his site. I chose a nickel plated, solid brass buckle. The whole thing (including shipping) ran me about $50, which was about as much as I wanted to spend on a belt. I basically wanted a more affordable alternative to the Sugarcane Garrison belt ( which I had shown to him as inspiration). I can walk you through my ordering process later, if you're interested, just pm me.

Oh, and I haven't used a leather protectant... should I?

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Ordering from www.leathergoodsconnection.com was pretty easy. On the sidebar, I chose the option for harness leather belts, since this offered the most options (plain leather belts is another option, but I'm not so sure that you can order it unstained).

On the page for harness belts, he explains all about the different options available and shows you how to take your measurements. The order form at the bottom of the page lets you input all of the bells and whistles you want on your belt. I wanted a pretty minimalist look, so I passed on most of the options. As far as belt width goes, I ordered a 1 3/4 wide belt, which fits my Sugarcane 47 belt loops like a glove. If you want your belt unstained ( like mine) leave the box for belt color blank and type in your request as a note.

If you run into any trouble, don't be shy to email the guy. He's pretty quick about getting back to you. Also, I reccommend darkening your unstained leather belt, either by tanning or rubbing it with oil just cuz the color of the belt when it comes is eerily close to that of human flesh.

Unless you're into that kind of thing.

Let us know if you pick up a piece from him! Maybe we can tell him about Superfuture?

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