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who here is drunk?


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eh i'm from jersey.

i was caught "holding" an open container of alcohol during rutgersfest this year. the cops know that everyone drinks that day so he was gonna give me and my friend a city ordinance fine, but my friend thought he had his fake on him, so he just said he didn't have any id. apparently that gets us arrested.

we go to the station, take mugshots, blah. the cop tells us to plead not guilty and we will get the arrest record dropped. i notify the court like my ticket instructs me to if i intend to plea not guilty, my friend doesn't.

we go to new brunswick at 8 in the morning during finals week, turns out my date was rescheduled to august 2. the judge is a dick ( i'm praying he's on vacation ), thinks underage drinking=murder. me and the guy next to me start planning his assasination.

my friend pleads not guilty, gets reduced to ordinance, and pays 639 and is done.

i sit there. freak out. and don't buy jeans or clothes all summer for this court date tommorrow.

apparently there's a 250 surcharge in jersey now because of the budget so im looking to pay 889 if i'm lucky enough to get the arrest record dropped. my parents still don't know. i just told them i'm going up north for my birthday.



maybe the judge will notice it was my birthday.

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Goddamn rooftop party I went to, served only sissy white wines and champagne, where's the damn vodka. The girls got drunk tho which was fun, and you know what happens when they do.

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