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Supreme 2011 F/W

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yo witts are u working at the london store?

Haha nahhhhhhhhhhhhh man.

Apparently the criteria for staff was pretty strict, within a certain age, involved in the London skate scene for over ten years etc.

I think all of the staff are skaters from Southbank and most of them skate for Palace.

I passed through yesterday and grabbed the rear logo snap back with the suede brim, nice and simple!

There's loads of stock in the store, although most of the 5 panels had disappeared off the shelves. Prices were reasonable too, the only item I was tempted by was the corduroy coach jacket @ £120.

Staff were pretty safe too, surprisingly. And there were boxes and boxes of the London box tees by the till, so it doesn't seem like they were too limited.

It was kinda surreal stepping through the door though, it felt like "shouldn't this be NY?"

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London stock update:

- blue and brown Tribal camp camps on the shelf

- Royal Supreme beanies also

- Red box logo Canvas and Realtree camp caps sold out

- Lock box now sold out and don't bother asking to buy the one on display in the counter case, because they "aren't allowed to sell the display stock"

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As of this morning, yes they most definitely do.

However, I have just read on another forum that apparently they only have Ms left. Don't know whether this is for the s/s or the l/s or both.


The mediums had sold out when I was in there on Friday, so I suspect they mean the long sleeves.

People are (predictably) going nuts for them. Wish i'd bought 2.

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