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Jean Snow

A New City on Tokyo

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it was confusing in there but it did look pretty. the louis vuitton and christian lacroix stores were pretty cool...

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Worth walking around there during daytime but quite freaky at night....

Very good restaurants inside Mori tower, especially the Chinese one...also, an amazing Italian bakery straight from Florence (parking entrance).

"Bamboo" restaurant menu very ecclectic and only place serving food past 10pm. There is a DJ booth with a DJ spinning but don't come for that.

"Maduro" bar in Grand Hyatt very cozy but beware of the 1,800 JPY cover charge for live singing..excellent Jazz band btw with Brazilian singer (i think)...and remember this is Roppongi so a lof of fly girls around the counter.

There is a chinese restaurant open 24/7 just in front of Grand Hyatt hotel lobby...very convenient, always crowded...

For residents, Hills Spa has an outdoor swimming pool located just above the Louis Vuitton shop...ultimately cool.

Also, "Estination" dept store has a pretty unique selection for a dept. store...but that's because this is Roppongi and there is no dept. store around.

Finally, "Tsutaya" is open until very late and you can read Nylon, Wallpaper and browse through Masamichi's latest book with a latte....not to mention the 24/7 posh supermarket.

Still, i prefer Omotesando/Aoyoma.

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i agree, very good...replica of Paris....

just tried Sunday Brunch at Grand Hyatt R. Hills....JPY 5,000 + tax for buffet and one glass of champagne..make sure to get terrace seats on sunny days.....

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