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the REAL hiphop thread


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Anyone into Jurassic 5??!?

Is anyone who listens to Hip Hop not into J5?

I see you're dwelling in the GTA...heads up if anyone hasn't heard, free Pharcyde and Digable Planets at Yonge-Dundas June 19. Actually a rap concert worth going to

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I don't know how to embed up in here, someone teach me for +rep

old triple 6 is so fuckin good, beat goes HARD


dj paul & lord infamous, evil shit, mean as fukkk

(still triple six related) Only children of the corn could make an isley brothers sample sound hard

earlier brotha lynch, solid 90s west coast shit, classic cali flowww


celly cel for the 90s bay shit, like this way better than most bay hiphop from the time period.

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scroll down for noz's comments

I like Rocky. The problem here is partly how fast rappers can get their shit out [even if they're just starting]. But not exactly that, more how people are so quick to react (good or bad).

Rocky has like 5 songs out and dude wrote a fucking article on him.



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we were discussing that in the turntable room earlier hehe but yea brah i was in line for an araabmuzik show several weeks back and these two dudes in front of us were from harlem. i ask em if they ever heard of asap and they were clueless ha. rnt/yams brought up a good point too. dudes are overanalyzing the whole screw influence/region thing

im tryna find that one damn asap bike scene gif i posted on turntable the other night lol

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SGP making them moves doe


annoyed at the fact that i cant find the asap gif but here he is wearing raf velcros lol


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that article was lol, i nearly had to stop reading when he said "wassup" is a clams throwaway beat even though it's probably my favorite thing he's ever made.

just another way too in-touch hip hop head who spends too much time on the net and apparently not enough time enjoying music for what it is.DÃœM put me on to asap, but it's not like I enjoyed it because he gets mad reblogs, I like it because it sounds good to me. I could give a fuck if he's riding the south's dick or whatever -- the game is rife with biters as its always been, but as long as all the "appropriation" (fuck, getting tired of this word) results in some listenable music I'm not gonna write a snobby article about a dude who may not even be making music a year from now. Fuck music critics, but mostly fuck people who only have vague criticisms of the music itself and instead focus on all the bullshit surrounding it. INTERNET'S REAL CUH

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