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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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just keep it simple

pizza from scratch

and get her involved while making it

I second this. Women love actively participating in cooking, but it's also super easy to catch some 'intimate' moments while in a cramped kitchen.

Bonus if you pour wine before to 'ease things into a cooking mood'.

I suggest the following recipe for DIY pizza : http://www.macheesmo.com/2011/03/cast-iron-pizza/

If you are good at planning, you can have everything already set-up for fool-proof cooking the day before, and just be able to chill in the kitchen for ~ 30-45 minutes. In my perspective, this is just enough time for some pre-foreplay moves, but not long enough that the woman gets bored.

Super bonus if you both whip up a quick antipasto to nibble on while making pizza. Good luck! :o

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lol didnt u post about this like a year ago or some related complaint about disgusting coworkers

mass you also posted about "fuck white people" and never explained.

mane I was just bein agreeable with whoever was posting above me, obviously wasn't serious. Someone negged me edit lol it was you, but I got some pos too s:

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interning is great and all, but i am slowly realizing it is taking over my time to relax and chill. no more zombie surfing sufu/sf.

i go in in the morning and get back home between 5 to 7. i then usually have dinner then gym right after. then have to hit the sack to wake up on time all over again. it's great b/c i am learning and experiencing a lot in a field i am interested in atm. but at the same time i feel like these forums are like my news feed for the most general to the detailed things.

working part-time somewhere else is not going to help either.

this is real-life man.


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i've seen a lot of stories like that regarding twitter and facebook.

like, a guy's therapist -- who he's never contacted via email or anything -- showed up. same with family, ex-partners, pets, etc.

i deleted my fb account i think about 2yrs/18months ago, but I think now they prooobably still have all of my info..

bold new world

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You met Pejic? I'd imagine that being very interesting. What was he like?
haha small world, i kinda knew Pejic before he left melbourne.

Very nice, gracious guy. Talked frankly about his newfound fame, and didn't sound haughty about it in any way. Didn't really prod too deeply about the andro thing (not sure how to go about broaching that subject) but he wore it so nonchalantly. It's kinda cool, he's reached a level of transgender that's a total brainsplode when you're looking at a picture of him on the internet or something, but in real life he wears it so casually it's almost not even acknowledged (if that makes sense).

Had a lot of great things to say about Melbourne.

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just sent off a pretty intimate e-mail response, one with some deeper personal things...but nothing that I'd care anyone else read necessarily, to an unknown address in my contact list. I thought I CC'd myself on it, but it didn't show back up in my inbox (and my sent folder doesn't work for some reason, so if I want a copy of what I sent then I have to CC myself). Curious who got it...

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