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fs: UCism kevlar suit $500 priced to sell

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UNDERCOVERISM 100% Kevlar suit

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Collection: Autumn-Winter 2007

Country: Made in Japan

Colour: Charcoal grey (with hints of green?)

Surface Material: 100% Kevlar

Jacket Lining: Coolmax fabric (100% Polyester)

Jacket Partly: 84% Nylon / 16% Polyurethane

Pants Partly: 40% Nylon / 40% Polyester / 10% Polyurethane / 10% Grassfiber

Labeled Size: 2

Recommended Size: EU 46 / US 36 (small)

Shoulders: 40 cm (15.75 in)

Armpit to Armpit: 47 cm (18.5 in)

Chest (2 inches beneath pit): 45 cm (17.7 in)

Outer Sleeve (approx.): 66 cm (26 in)

Front Length: 74 cm (29.1 in)

Back Length: 70 cm (27.5 in)

Pants Size: 2

Recommended Size: EU 46 / US 30

Waist: 39.5 cm (15.55 in)

Inseam: 76.5 cm (30.1 in) + 4 cm (1.57 in) to let out

Leg Opening: 19 cm (7.5 in)

Condition: Used; visible creasing see pics

Asking Price (shipped North America): XXXXXXXX



Up for sale is an intensely awesome KEVLAR suit by Undercoverism; just another example of the crazy cool shit that Jun Takahashi continues to make. The suit’s shell fabric is a 100% Kevlar fiber, which is straight baller status. The fabric has the appearance of drill/gabardine fabric, and is not slubby/hairy as Kevlar can be. It is smooth to the touch, and while it holds its shape well, it is not very stiff. It is prone to creasing as the images show. This creasing is akin to denim and leather, and somewhat fades as such (as of right now, seems to fade to a lighter grey with green coming through). This makes it a casual suit, not to say that if it didn't crease/fade one would wear a kevlar suit to a wedding or something.

As it is made of Kevlar, it is quite light in weight. This is most noticeable on the pants, where upon appearance you would expect it to be heavy like denim but it is lighter like a pair of thin trousers. The jacket is lined in a breathable Coolmax mesh fabric, which has been used in other UCism collections as recent as SS’10.

The main colour of the suit is a dark charcoal grey. Under certain lighting it has hints of green to it as well. There is a black tech fabric running across the upper back, which comes across under the armpits. There is also a contrast pin-dot fabric on the suit, featured on the rear yoke of the pants, a tuxedo stripe on the side of the pants, on the button cuff of the jacket, and under the back of the collar.

This is the full suit, with matching trousers. It is a size 2, which equates pretty spot on to an EU 46, or US Small (36 top, 30 bottom). The suit is cut slim; the jacket tapers at the waist, and the pants are slim down the legs. The jacket is of short length, and features peak lapels and curved arms for a better fit of the sleeves. It has a 2 button fastening. The pants fasten via a zipper and hook & bar closure.

The suit has many design features to note. The cuff is a single button functioning surgeon’s cuff, and there is a sleeve interlining with drawstring that runs the length of the forearm. There are 2 honeycomb vents at the armpits for breathability. The jacket has a double vent in the back, which is actually made of zippers, so you can adjust how open you want it. There is also a small zipper at the base of the neck that you can open up to relieve tension and allow for more breathability. The jacket has two outer flap pockets, with 1 outer chest pocket. Inside is 4 inner pockets; 2 of these are zipper pockets, 1 pouch pocket, and 1 pouch pocket with a clear plastic viewing window. There is a hidden earphone hole hidden behind the left lapel, which coincides with the viewing window pocket. On the right lapel, there is a hidden button on the reverse side, which allows for full fastening with the collar and lapels are raised.

On the pants, there are 2 side slit pockets and 2 rear slit pockets. It features a single tuxedo stripe down the side, which runs down halfway to the knee. There are 2 plastic triangle D-rings along the waistband on their own loops, and there is also the signature UC thunderbolt sewn symbol at the knee. There is approximately 4 centimeters to let out in the inseam of the pants. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a sick unique suit from UC labs!

Cliffs Notes:

- Full matching suit

- Suit is size 2, fits EU 46 / US small

- Charcoal grey color

- jacket is 2 button, peak lapel, short length, curved arm seams, slim at the waist

- pants are slim, regular dress pants pattern, 19cm opening

- 100% Kevlar fiber fabric (ohsnappu)

- Black tech fabric across upper back to the armpits

- Coolmax mesh fabric lining

- 2 small honeycomb vents by the armpits

- 1 button functioning surgeon’s cuff

- semi inner drawstring sleeve interlining

- double vent made of zippers

- small zipper at base of neck for breathability

- jacket; 2 outer flap pockets, 1 outer chest pocket

- jacket; 4 inner pockets (2 zipper, 1 pouch, 1 pouch with viewing window)

- Hidden earphone hole hidden behind left lapel

- Hidden button on reverse side of right lapel for high collar fastening

- 2 black plastic triangle D-rings along waistband of pants

- Single tuxedo stripe down the side to the knee

- Signature thunderbolt symbol at the knee

- Contrast pin-dot fabric at rear yoke (matches tux stripe, button cuff, under collar)

- pants; 2 side slit pockets and 2 rear slit pockets

- jacket is not for people like 6 feet tall, pants has 4 cm to let out; if still too short, fuck it wear cropped with boots

- creases easily. like denim and leather, will probably fade. not exactly a formal suit made of kevlar and shit



th_uc_kevlar2.jpg …..th_uc_kevlar3.jpg


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