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Cars/General Automotive ruined my life.


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Living in Japan the last 5 years means rolling a bike and taking train/subway.

Definitely miss my 88 Carrera. Stock engine, full suspension and safety equipment.

There is no substitute.

That's pretty damn nice. BBS LM's?

Carreras of almost any vintage (3.2, 964, 993) are getting pretty cheap here in the UK now, I'm really tempted to sell my S14 and go for it.

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They just sold a Tucker Torpedo at BJ, craziest shit ever.

I've never seen one in this condition, it went for $2,600,000.

Headlights that turn with the steering wheel, fuel injection, rear engine, and disc brakes. All on a car from 1948!


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Seems like i'm the only one posting in here..

New 991 reviewed in detail, after reading this i need an underwear change.


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996 C2?

Yup, 996 C2 with a removable hard-top.

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Here are photos i took at the American Le Mans race at Laguna Seca a few weeks ago, my Porsche 996 is in there somewhere near the end of the photos.











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I'm in Germany, just rented a 2009 GT3 Porsche.

Took it down the autobahn today to Dessau, amazing experience.

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Yup, that was a typo. It's a C4 cabrio.

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