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what are you reading today?


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Did you hear his interview on WHYY where he disputes this? It's a good interview, and gave a lot insights into Eugenides' writing style and approach to character development.

Only a handful of things about DFW he used in the book.

but seriously, listen to the interview...

I am waiting on this to arrive :


there is a trailer for the book on simon & schusters website IIRC

Can you direct me to this interview before I read the marriage plot. I want as clear a conscious as I can get going in because I was really fucked up over freedom because I interpreted the whole thing as a bittersweet loveletter to Wallace and kinda felt like franzen was being a dick the whole time. I don't want that to ruin another novel for me.

Also, fuck klosterman fiction. Dudes completely on point when engaging pop culture directly, but he's a literary flat tire. It sucks that's young people need an author to attach themselves to so much that chucks been pushed outside the realm of what he's capable of. I'd read 10 magazine articles of his before I ever engage another novel.

Double also, I'm putting 12 books on hold while I completely absorb the def jam 25 book. Rizzoli was kinda okay with the supreme and Glenn o'brien joints, but this def jam piece is out of the fucking stratosphere right now. Quite possibly the most impressive hip hop book ever in terms of amassing comprehensive interviews/history/imagery. The ad rock quotes are murder. And the way Rick and Russ debunk eachothers personal histories is so endearing. I'm not surprised it's heavily due to the guy who wrote the big payback. The level of attention is inspiring, even if it gets masturbatory at times, it's so well done you can't even hate.

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I'm also currently reading 1Q84. Sometimes the writing is a little clunky (never sure if this is just the translation) but his storytelling is top notch and the book is immensely readable.

The North American jacket is much nicer than the UK version, though I like the red-edged pages of the Foyles edition I have:


Thanks for making Murakami 'ok' again!

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^ really gripping. intensely into this. about halfway through.


^ i just watched the film again. the book is great. his description of the homosexual Cairo is a bit over the top. mincing around, smelling of perfume, with big hips, and tight pants. also curious that the part bogart plays is described as tall and blonde in the book. hard to imagine a tall blonde dude playing that role in the film. (halfway through this book, too)

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You're gonna have to unpack that one for me. Que?

No need to unpack it; I simply got super drunk with my tile guys last night. Sorry to impose it on you :D

Reading this atm (good hangover reading). Any printed material with a chapter titled "The Oppressive Night of Ass" is worth a look!


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not to detract from the Murakami hard-ons but I just read a really interesting article titled 'Deleuzian Capitalism'. Anyone who has tried reading Anti-Oedipus knows how fucking crazy Deleuze is, and the article does a good job at utilizing his theories. It is still a bit of a crazy read but I read it, which is more than I can say for Anti-Oedipus.

if anyone wants the article hit me up with a PM and your email.

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Is IQ84 worth the read? I'm a fan of murakami's other works but I have a bunch of other books to get through first.

I've just finished Books 1 and 2 and yes, it's worth the read. I'm a big fan of his too and you could easily place 1Q84 alongside The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (his best IMO). On the other hand, if you've got some real bangers already lined-up, where's the hurry?

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