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    A lot of my consumption (most of which stashed away and barely worn) coincided with the need to consume information and especially detail.. fucking rediculous details.. it's not just denim but it has been for the last 20yrs so ive purposely stopped reading the denim threads.. i'm not saying i know it all.. far from it (i'm trying to forget) but i know more than i really want to know about a subject which has never really benefited me in any way, ive enjoyed tracking down the details but it's only served as a garnish to my forum life, nobody else gives a shit. The need to consume details, especially code numbers and dates feels like a mild form of hyperfocus... anyway since i stopped reading the denim threads ive started researching 90's era mountain bike components, which was once a passing interest but now i'm comparing minute differences and dates of manufacture between XTR front derailleurs, M950 compared to M952, top pull compared to bottom pull, top swing compared to down swing... ahh! what the fuck is wrong with me why do i obsess? ive just replaced one need to consume very specific denim related details with the need to consume very specific bike related details.. why doesn't my brain work in the same way when i want to learn a language or something beneficial.. To paraphrase Girls Aloud.. "I can't speak French.. but i could tell you every product code of every single pair of Sugarcane jeans made between 1991 and 1998, Oh oh oh"
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    … and here’s that black and green belt completed Nebularis 8oz Walpier Buttero bullhide leather in ‘raven’ Genuine Cobra overlays aniline dyed olive green Standard Rivet vintage nickel spots in 3mm and 4.5mm sizes Standard Rivet vintage nickel jewel rings in 9mm sizes Antique glass (1950s) jewels 9mm in Jet and Milky Opal Japanese Nickel plated brass buckle Japanese vintage coin (Asahi 10 Sen, c1907~1917) 80% silver, 20% copper
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    ^totally right mate about the thrill of hunting down a pair. Same goes for me, got a few pairs sitting around ds or worn a week or two and am constantly wearing the same 3 pairs. I feel it's that way with most hobbies, be it vinyl collecting/music, cooking, coffee, leather-stuff or sports. It comes in waves and parts of it stick around in the daily routine. For denim it's usually the "daily beaters"/favorite pairs, for coffee it's the daily cup and so on. But sometimes one is overcome by the great desire to get all the music from this one artist, or to try as many fancy coffee-places as possible or go bouldering 3 times a week
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    We are our little support group here, aren't we? The Anonymous Denimheads? Ok...I somehow feel the need to verbalize this although I don't know why. During the last 18-24 months I really went crazy in terms of denim purchases. I indicated this already in the "How many jeans"-thread. Purchased a lot of jeans I thought I need/want , just to end up wearing mostly the jeans I already have or the brands I like. Not to say the brands/jeans I bought are bad but in hindsight I don't really know anymore why I wanted them. One thing was probably the excitement of new stuff arriving and reviving this feeling many of us had years ago when "everything" was new and an adventure. This adventure part is definitely gone when you can buy from the multiple places today, just like shopping at Amazon. Hunting on Yahoo Auction on the other hand is sometimes an adventure. The other thing is also surely connected with my unexpected weight loss in 2020, opening up some new fits for me. Because of this I also sold some older stuff as they were just too big on me. So, to get it off my chest these are models I bought in that time and that I already sold again (money-wise a real stupid move): Iron Heart 777-142, PBJ SLB-019, PBJ XX-019-BB, SdA Fox-001, SugarCane Edo-Ai, Westride 1953XX, Jelado 301XX, Dry Bones 562W, TCB 40s Contest Jeans, FOB Factory F151, SugarCane SC42021 back-up pair, orSlow 105 back up-pair. Jeans I bought as well but still want them to go: UES 400S, Denimbridge DB19/05 Edit: Moral history - cherish what you have
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    Found these on grailed in my size, unworn and boxed. comfortable out of the box but a bit noisy as the leather is quite dry so will give them a good oil in the next couple of days.
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    Alrighty, so here it is… Tender Co type 900 x Old North size 4 im very happy with it. Took a chance on the sizing since I typically wear a 2 or 3 in tender but this works, especially with the side cinches pulled tight.
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    hope everyone had a good weekend. have a nice day! kap apron for the dog stuff. railcar, rgt, kapital, oni, viberg
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    Have not been wearing these for the last couple of months as the stitching on the top button hole came undone and it took me ages to take care of it.
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    Buzz vintgae zegna st james dior irish wallys
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    oh yes @Uncle Karl! a perfect perfecto what lovely boots as well! my attempt... sears-filson-tender-attractions
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    Decided to preemptively mend my left knee as a hole was imminent.
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    One of my wire buckle belts and a raw (unborn?) strap below - if leather can be immortal then this is it
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    This for @58panheadfan (who sadly doesn’t post here as much I’d like) but anyway proof positive for me that black and brown does work: Dandarabilla 9oz Oiled Cowhide in Dark Brown Genuine Cobra inlays - black with nubuck finish, tan in semi-gloss Standard Rivet vintage brass spots in 3mm and 4.5mm sizes Standard Rivet vintage brass jewel rings in 9mm sizes Antique glass (1950s) jewels 9mm Smoky Topaz Japanese brass buckle Japanese vintage coin (Kiri 1 Sen, 1916-1938) 95% copper, 4% Tin, 1% zinc
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    Lot 1002 arrived today, here are some pre-wash measurements and photos. Photos came out a bit washed out, I'll try and take some one a more overcast day soon. The denim has a nice grey hue to it, I'm curious if these are actually sanforized or not. The measurements kind of make me believe that they are as the waist seems pretty small for them to shrink further on a size 36. The labor label stitching detail on the inside of the back right pocket is pretty cool. Waist: 36 in. Front rise: 13.5 in. Back rise: 18 in. Thigh: 14.25 in. Knee: 10.5 in. Hem 10 in.
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    Incoming leather - J&FJ Baker Harness and Bridle
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    Here’s another couple I’ve just finished - both (yes BOTH ) are for Jake @dudewuttheheck Both are the more traditional peanut and flower design that’s been popular (although I’ve got a couple of quite different designs underway), but he opted for a lighter weight leather which I absolutely commend him for - they feel more like the real vintage belts because of that even though it’s a modern interpretation. Anyway … Cobra Kai 8oz Walpier Buttero leather strap in raven Genuine Cobra inlays in patriot red Standard Rivet vintage nickel spots in 3mm and 4.5mm sizes Standard Rivet vintage nickel jewel rings in 9mm and 11mm sizes Antique glass (1950s) jewels 9mm in Siam (flowers) and Crystal (peanut), 11mm in Emerald (peanut) Japanese nickel plated brass buckle Japanese vintage coin (Asahi 10 Sen, c1907~1917) 80% silver, 20% copper California Kingsnake 8oz Walpier Buttero leather in chestnut Genuine Cobra inlays cream Standard Rivet vintage brass spots in 3mm and 4.5mm sizes Standard Rivet vintage brass jewel rings in 9mm and 11mm sizes Antique glass (1950s) jewels 9mm in Amethyst and Topaz, 11mm in Sapphire Japanese brass buckle Japanese vintage coin (Karasu 1 Sen, 1938) 90% copper, 10% zinc
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    Stevenson has a collection coming out in 2022! There is a lot of great new stuff and some reworked existing styles.
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    Leftfield 18 oz slub Chelsea, about 6 years old, hand-washed about twice a year.
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    1st wash, 24 days, @24 wears 2nd wash, +10 days, @34 wears 3rd wash, +12 days, @46 wears 4th wash, +7 days, @53 wears 5th wash, +54 days, @107 wears 6th wash, +75 days, @183 wears 6mos of daily wears, Stevenson 220 Carmel edit: from a comment that got buried on reddit almost a year ago Stevenson 220 Carmel...so far TL;DR: https://imgur.com/a/Gw4lWwI Bought these on August 12 of 2019. Six months have passed. My secondary New Year’s resolution was to hit the year mark in these to see if I should join the Indigo Invitational II(2)(Part Deux).So far, so good. No repairs so far. Daily wear, wash when needed. I do run pairs through a soak/washer/dryer initially, inside out, on hot to prevent shifting and settle the fit early, followed by hot washer/dryer, inside out washes when necessary or the fit feels off. Not sure if there’s another version of this pair but it seems to look a little different from another Stevenson 220 that I’ve been keeping up with. Fabric is beautiful, sanforized; wasn’t sure how well it’d compare with Stevenson signature “green river” selvedge id, but I’m impressed. Really vintage-feeling custom long staple U.S. cotton Nihon Menpu indigo/natural 14oz, fades to a gorgeous, uneven but not overly engineered texture. I’d say zoom in, but I’m probably going to try and find a better camera at some point instead of relying on my phone. Available in other fits, including 210 Big Sur. Worth checking out. Sizing can be tricky for most Stevenson products, so checking size charts is absolutely necessary. These are a size 32, I am usually not. Relaxed Taper and Straight Taper are the two descriptions I’ve seen for this pair, not sure which is correct, but the thighs have a measurement that made sense since I’m coming mainly from Straight fits. The back and front rises were high enough to prevent immodesty. I do stack the 34.5 inseam. It’d be difficult to point out every detail that stuck out but the construction is very solid, the flying arc a little nod on the pockets, the crossed center back belt loop, very nice branded leather backed iron donut button fly, copper rivets, slanted belt loops, beautiful roping from the factory chainstitch, which I’m hesitant to alter in most pairs, deerskin patch. Amazing (cotton/polycotton?) stitch work finished with a twin needle stitch. I’d definitely consider another pair of Stevensons if my current stock allows. Anyway, it’s been a journey.