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    Mrs. Lefty’s small but fantastic collection also functions as souvenirs of some of our travels. Heller’s from VMC, Oki’s from SESF, and MF from MF click for the great details on the Heller’s
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    hey all! today i received the denim tcb tabby’s jacket in the mail. i was looking for a 30s / railroad / chore style jacket and had to support good ol tcb. this thing is awesome! 10 oz denim is light, neppy, and cozy. it has a nice beautiful blue tint to it. i love the pocket style on this jacket, including the super convenient inside pocket. stitching is awesome, buttons are cool, and the fit is perfect! i went for 36 which is my normal tcb and other brand size. shoutout to ryo for sizing help and he told me he just got one so maybe a little fade contest? cheers y’all!
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    42 jacket. 34 trousers. Happy to measure for you... I'm actually still waiting on the vest because Speedway didn't have it and the seller I found wants to use EMS, who apparently still aren't shipping to the US. It really is an awesome suit.
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    I wonder if anyone can help. My wife is looking for some high quality 701xx type repro denim. She's got a pair of LVC and we were going to get a pair of Old Devil Moon but they've sold out in her size and unlikely to make more. Ideally she'd like the earlier type with cinch back. We don't know who makes what but really would like high end. We're familiar with at least some of the cheap UK/EU ladies makers, and without wishing to be rude, not interested in those. The usual high end Japanese makers with authentic cut & details and Japanese selvedge denim would be great! I thought there was already a thread on this topic but I cant find it now!
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    Interesting, I was leaning toward the S variant but they may be too similar to my 25th anniversary jeans that'll be here any day. I don't have any pairs with painted arcs so this would fill that void...
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    I rotate around quite a bit... Spotify is my friend... checking back I’ve been listening to this lot lately... Neil Young - Harvest / Tonight’s the Night / Everybody Knows This is Nowhere Dylan - Street Legal Joy Division - Closer Andrew Weatherall - The Bullet Catchers Apprentice Talib Kweli for hip hop fix Mix Cloud is back on again in the gym via Graeme Park
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    Crikey, I need a glass of water and a lie down. This thread reads like The Daily Sport. Agree with posts recommending looking at repros that aren’t necessarily aimed at women. Whilst they aren’t a typical 5pocket jean and probably aren’t what you’re after, the TCB Second Subrise collaboration jeans demonstrate that the right cut on the right person (either sex) can look great:
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    there was a big fanfare when the 701 came out in 36/7, features in Vogue, with lovely illustrations. I didn't know that the 401 was the same jean, I thought it was a more budget model but it's a long time since I've looked at them. The idea of a front fly was regarded as very edgy. So a lot of contemporary jeans including Lee had a zip up the side, presumably to make it harder to fornicate. Lots of sex involved, as the 701 became the obligatory wear for heading to a dude ranch in Nevada where you could have fun while waiting out your divorce. So very racy - and also the first time jeans really became a fashion item. The original 701s do look great, you could still buy 50s examples in the 2000s for less than today's repro prices and wear them, as they're not as collectable as the 501, and the cut still looked fantastic. They might well have been Levi's first Sanforised jeans too. There are a few items from the Western catalogues of the time that aren't fully documented in the regular cagtalogues (might have been sold through a different wholesaling channel) so there's a delicious mystery about them.