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    Papa Nui RMC Dalees MF Raiders Novesta
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    Worn 5-6 days per week. 1 repair and lots of trips through the washer and dryer. I like these jeans a lot.
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    I'm just mad about the new MF Raiders pants!
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    Surly Bootleggers BA-2, 506XX 213, 661ZXX, Freewheelers Bowser Tee and Mill Reef My Bootleggers tux
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    This post from Ryo on the TCB blog was good coincidence just as I was thinking of the blackness of the dark blue WW11's compared to the deeper bluer colours of post 47s. I was on 1 day liking the black/blue and then the next day the bluer blue.... These 3 shown are obviously different stages of fading process - so maybe the black/blue 40's will lose their black...
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    Small update. No 77 jeans still pretty pristeen I haven’t ever really worn my jeans down that quickly... still really liking the shape - and everyone else’s updates - including when people are wondering about how much they’re into the jeans at different stages too.
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    They look great on you. On Christophe... not so much. I love the fabric and colour on these.
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    Who say’s men can’t multi-task?
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    Levis mask LVC type 1 Sunray Sportswear tee LVC 1954 Vans Porter bag
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    So I finally succumbed to the temptation of a Kapital ring coat after years of intermittent hovering A marmite of the coat world, I suspect An unlikely union of an M65, a peacoat, a trenchcoat and a kimono Oversized and military-inspired, longer at the front than the back, like a reversed fish-tail parker Anyway, whatever the blurb is… I’m liking it, enamoured even Fit pics once the combinatorial analysis of buttoning is complete PS - great service from Kafka
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    Well-designed, not particularly well-made I have a daisy mae cap from them (from around 2016) that I really love, and a tee and a shirt (from maybe 2018 or 2019) that aren’t nearly as nice. They have a very fast-fashion feel to them, construction- and materials-wise—just with a classic workwear aesthetic rather than the more modern / hip sort of thing that you’d see at mall shops. If you’re just going for a particular look, they’re a great option, same as Uniqlo or Gap are great options if you just want a pair of decent-fitting raw & selvedged jeans; if you want clothes that feel nice, I wouldn’t really recommend them
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    MF x 2 / Hillside / Sunspel / Carhartt / Pras
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    Nice pickup @Toegun, those were a close second to the WH I picked up.
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    Was worth a shot lol
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    Ofc no. Sorry
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    Hi y'all! Just want to speak up and clear my name, I have nothing to do with that @Yama-chan. @Arctor_Darkly just informed me about this. I've never buy nor sell anything in SuFu. I'm just a lurker, since 2018, and unfortunately I haven't active on SuFu for a long time. If there's anything I can help dispute y'all cases, report a ID theft or whatever, let me know how I can help.
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    A little project on my Interceptor 650. I looped it on some ice a couple weeks back. The damage to the motorcycle was minimal and thankfully no damage to the rider. The jeans made it through unscathed as well. My brake paddle however was badly bent. We manhandled it back into useable position, but I opted to replace it along with the foot pegs for a more refined look and some adjustability in the peg position. Before and after shots here. All executed in all TCB: cap, jacket and jeans. Haha.
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    Wash number God knows Bonus: pocket cat fadez
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    cross-post from the Denime thread. These are some 66s that I've worn for various stretches since 2011. This other pair are also Shins-era 66s (I think?) worn hard for three years and regularly washed warm and tumble-dried. And some comparisons:
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    WTS P31A-DS, sz S, full pack, 9/10 - $900 J16-GT, sz M, full pack, 9/10 - $1200 J47TS-GT, sz M, full pack, 9/10 - $1500 J74-PX BLK, sz M, full pack, 9/10 - $1000 J1A-GT 2.2, Size S, only worn once. full pack - $1500 3A-1 L2, no pack no sheet, 8/10 - $650 Price are fee & ship included within Japan, add for global. dm for pics.
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    2500 eur jacket coming 2022
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    how dare you make your own ACR for half the price!!! you're going to hypebeast hell!