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    I haven't posted in a few months. Life got very busy. But I thought I should contribute to this thread for once. My first WAYWT... TFH Bronson TCB HD
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    Recently picked up these dungarees what were lovingly repaired to keep them in service. Given the small laurel wreath buttons, slubby denim and high rise, I'm guessing1930's or wartime dungarees? The legs are cut straight with little to no taper. Simply designed workwear that are still going strong.
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    Lot 147 photo-bomb I was avoiding washing to avoid cuff arrangement faffing but they're looking a bit grubby now
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    M41001... a few minor repairs due to the waistband, right pocket and to secure the side seams
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    WTT J28-WS or P23A-DS Size Small for J28-K in any color except white or P36-E size small
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    Met with this randomly at Qinhuangdao, Hebei province.
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    @Koré please meet @junchengjc i think you both have what you're looking for
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    when I first saw this jacket one of my first thoughts was this scene from enchanted seen a couple of knits but there's nothing different or special about them to warrant posting here.
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    Thanks Flash, yeah they are my size! Sure, I'll try and take a pic later.
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    NOS 2002 Auto Royal Navy Diver from CWC
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    a peek at a/w 21/22 sisp future we've had london underground camo wear ... now chintzy evening bedroom attire with a dpm taken from the laura ashley archives.
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    New class mascot, we call him Walter. dressed in my usual slob style
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    Introducing Samurai - Jeans Built for Speed We’re happy to announce that we’ve added Samurai, one of the most legendary Japanese denim brands, to our roster of labels. Samurai was started in 1997 by Toru Nogami in Osaka, Japan. With a strong love of Japanese race cars and vintage Levi’s he set out to create a denim brand for the outsiders. Coming in well after the original “Osaka Five” Nomagi-San had to set his brand apart from the other Osaka based denim lines. He was quite enamored with the Levi’s 501 and he used that silhouette as his template while pushing the boundaries of denim weights and weave styles. Samurai was the first line to really push denim textures to new heights all the while creating multiple styles of in-house developed fabrics in weights which were rarely seen outside of Iron Heart’s signature 21oz denim at the time. If you were around in the early days of Superfuture’s Superdenim forum you’re well aware of Samurai’s legacy in the Japanese denim world; if you weren’t there, we hope to show you why Samurai holds a special place in the hearts of so many Japanese denim aficionados. Shop Samurai Online
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    WTS: P30A-DS sz L $888 shipped within US, as gift or add 4%