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    Little update on my end, jeans have been worn every day and the jacket has seen some light wear when the temps drop. Picking up running again, been far too long but quarantine has added some weight that I need to drop. I'm getting back into the swing of it. I'm a morning person so I enjoy seeing the sunrises at the end of the run. Last weekend was my girlfriend's birthday, so we went to brunch which was weird. We haven't really been out to eat anywhere since March. We were pretty much the only people there and you had to order everything online and clean your own table. The mac and cheese was good though. Just wish they would've mentioned the fact that the menu was limited before we decided on going here. Then we headed out to the Texas Hill Country to check out the only sotol distillery in the US. Really interesting liquor, similar to tequila/mezcal. Then we headed out to Vista Brewing, another Hill Country brewery. I like Jester King more, but Vista's stuff is tasty. Olive wanted a sip! PBJ double natural indigo workshirt selfie. She's worn out after a long day of drinking and playing with her favorite toys. Actually got caught in a downpour while wearing the jacket on Monday, set the creases nicely.
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    Gonna put the jeans in for their fourth wash tomorrow night, I really like the fit after wash. I have to get up and down a ton for my job so they get dirty and stretched out within a few days... oh well. I've never owned a cat but this quilt I found a couple months back really helps to fill the void!
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    Conners 406xxx ww2 Warehouse lockhood sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstar
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    was trying to look cool and intrepid, but realised if I didn't watch my feet I'd probably end up doing my ankle in
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    After about a week of being indecisive, I decided to get my jeans hemmed. I’d rather not worry about the eventual tearing. I’m really happy with these jeans.
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    Today marks the first day I wore the 40s to a walk with my dog. This usually marks for me the day I stop babying a new pair of jeans, however this time it was the hot weather that prevented me from wearing jeans to our walk. So anyways today the weather finally was nice enough for wearing jeans outside. Luckily enough my dogs favorite ball is wrecked beyond recognition so it can fit the tiny back pockets. p.s - I did NOT do a river wash
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    Dramatic filter, fit update. Not many signs of evo.
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    I've been swamped with work and unfortunately had to travel quite a bit, but I haven't missed a day so far. I've washed the jacket already because it got stinky, jeans are still doing fine though. The denim has completely stained my Filson bag...
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    Big Yank 1942 / Traveller's Co pen / Belt by @Thanks_M8 / At Last 162 / Lofgren
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    Hello strangers. EGx2, FC 1101, Birks
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    Hiking boots came in Ecology Center / Hollows / Cane's / Fracap
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    Took em for a spin after work! I’ve had to repair a hole on this jacket for a while now, but sewing sessions are a thing of the past with my 11 month old in tow.
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    RMC Carhartt Atlastco 161 Clinch
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    I made a panorama - first real attempt - not a clue what I wanted to achieve, I just wanted to learn the process. It’s 13 images stitched together and the actual (this is the super compressed version) is 15941 x 4463 pixels ... so ratio-wise not entirely ‘panoramic’ and not that exciting, but it was good education and I’m thinking what I can do with this type of photography. Anyway, the cliffs where I stay have lots of little interesting coves and inlets and rock formations since the red sandstone is extremely soft. The pic was not harmed in any way - no HDR was administered ...
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    still amazed by the waist stretch. So crazy. I could maybe have gotten a 32 but I think they'd be too big once worn for a while. Still just in one wash state from TCB. Go Twinkies Bob sarb033 TCB s40s pecos boots
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    Sun Surf // MF Lot 74 // Rage Guerrila
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    Just got a pair of Fracaps in! Thanks again to @sensy and @Elmer.Richard for sharing their pairs & making me aware of the brand These'll be pretty much exclusively used for hiking, but not until after I've worn them walking around town for at least a few days to be sure they're comfortable & somewhat broken-in No off-foot photos, yet…maybe once they've seen some actual wear
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    As long as they are staying high they really don't feel like a pair of generous jeans. Quite a trim thigh, but the siluette is very nice. I hope, and get the feeling, that a lot of contestants enjoy these as much as me! Cheers! (All mirrors were not made with selfies in mind)
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    After getting reassurance on sizing from @julian-wolf and @JDelage I decided to pull the trigger on an extra heavy flannel ($210 shipped from Withered Fig). I’m really pleased with it, I’d go as far as to say UES are my new favorite flannels based on just this one. I bought a large, one size up from my usual medium, and the fit is perfect, though about 2ish centimeters longer than I prefer. It’s not a problem, and I’ll likely tuck it in most of the time anyway. The photos don’t do the colors justice. It’s also really hefty. I once owned an iron heart ultra heavy flannel (maroon and cream block check), and this flannel feels just as thick and warm to me, if there’s a difference, I can’t tell. The brushed interior is soft, and make this thing pajama comfortable. (cat plopped down on it as soon as I put it down to take pics)
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    Sugarcane Boncoura TCB S40's