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    4th year of machine washing and drying. May get them repaired soon.
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    Visvim / Resolute 711 / Paraboobs Michael
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    Thanks guys for the kinds comments. I really appreciate it. I'm still trying to mix and match my new boots. Guess a larger leg opening works well. Borali / Visvim / OrSlow / Visvim
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    It’s been over a year and half of machine washing and drying. These have been my main and best fitting pair.
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    Sugar Cane 66s after about a year
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    Eternal / Undercover / Resolute 710 / Tricker's x The Bureau
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    SDA 101 I believe? Forgot the model number. 4 years of wear and machine washing/drying.
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    Received my J58 V1.2 today. Paid $230 for customs at 4.2% + 15% tariff b/c Made in China. Quality seems the same if not better, especially around the piping of the elastic. The way the collar sits is also different. It's more straight across while the 1.0 was more rounded. Warmth and feel of the jacket feel nearly identical to 1.0. A quick walk around the block in around 25° F NYC weather and I was quite warm with a long sleeve underneath. I weighed old v. new and the Primaloft version is about 20g heavier overall (though, the new one is a large v. the old one is a medium). The extra padding in the pockets are wonderful (v. cozy) and the bilateral pockets are a huge plus. Elastic feels about the same to me in terms of tightness. Aesthetically, the biggest difference I noticed was the height of the collar (1.2 on the left). The snaps on the wrists have also been reversed so there are two sockets and one stud, instead of vice versa. I still feel like this jacket is better worn on its own. Underneath a shell, it always felt quite tight with anything more than a tee.
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    Thanks Maynard The fit is pretty good, maybe a little too much taper for my liking. Otherwise pretty similar to the 47. See below
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    I made this belt about two years ago, and this is how it looked new. The customer wore it every day all this time and sent me some photos recently. Amazing beautiful patina, and the leather is still very strong and not stretched at all, the belt will last for many years. That's what I love oak bark stirrup leather for!
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    Trailblazer shirt / jacket in rust
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    GBG001 Contest jeans are waiting for some needle work so Resolute 710 it is. With Veja V12 and some fancy socks
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    Continuing the tyrolean mania. Jacket is a cheap m65 kind off thing. Miltec, I think. Shirts carhartt, jeans denimba and shoes heschung x yuketen
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    Vintage Harley hat HWZN BROSSxCANVAS sweatshirt trophy 1605bk BH
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    That time of the year eh. Didn't go completely nuts this year: Jeans: 90's Lee 101Z Levi's 501 STF Steel Feather SF0121 Samurai S710XX Samurai S0500XX Studio D'Artisan SD-101 Warehouse 1001 Warehouse 1001XX (in duck digger denim) Warehouse 15th anniversary 1105 Warehouse 1003XX (15th anniversary) Warehouse 800 cotton/linen Warehouse 1003SXX Deer Hunter 472XX (made by Warehouse) Denime 66 McCoys-era Denime 517 Orizzonti-era Denime 10th anniversary 1937 Fullcount 1101 Evisu 2001 No.1 Evis 2504XX Sugar Cane SC40400 TCB 50's TCB 60's TCB 20's contest jeans TCB Seamen trousers Resolute 710 Roy RS01 Denimbridge lot. 2 Denimbridge S Antique Flathead 3005 Eternal 888 Indigofera Buck in gunpowder denim Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX (a second pair) Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX Cushmans 22501 Jackets: Denime 506 Orizzonti-era Sugar Cane 1953 TCB 30's jacket Warehouse 2001xx WW2 edition New stuff since last year: Denim Base GBG001 x 2 Conner's Sewing Factory S409XXX M-WW2 Santa Cruz Warehouse 700C Vintage Levi's 507XX Vintage Lee 81-LJ
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    my last TCB acquisition ... 30' Cap Olive Duck
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    My first pair of engineer boots. Visvim/Resolute/Visvim
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    Since slim jeans aren't cool 'round here, slims shirts prolly aren't cool either. Guess I'll have to stop wearing TFH F-DS101 and 3202. Same clothes and venue as last time, different event. I'm so original.
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    Art Fawcett hat, OP MiJ, Freewheelers, Stevenson, CSF, White Kloud
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    If you have a baby on the way, it’ll certainly put pressure on the waist and you may even have to stop wearing them completely!
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    I will never understand this whole sea wash thing. This is even more ridiculous than the "don't wash your jeans" mentality in my view. Even if it does do anything, which I doubt, it's so silly and ridiculous that it's not worth it. This post is a little strange because they seem to be trying to give a balanced take on it, giving pros and cons, but I still have doubts that there are pros at all. They even say themselves that if you are going to sea wash, you should machine wash afterward... so why sea wash in the first place? I don't see how a bit of sand rubbing really helps your jeans look better at all.
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    vsvm kapala kilgore/ vsvm elk flannel / vsvm 04R social sclupture / vsvm gabo
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    ha.. how many sizes down should I go..? sag y/n, stacks.. cockfade to left or right.. should I keep brass knuckles in my pocket..
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    My Only Denim Headwear. Handmade by the now (sadly) defunct Circle A Brand. Cone mills, single needle with a nice twill liner and taped seams. Shrank a little and crinkled with a soak and has crocked further as it's been wet a couple of times in the rain.