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    Washed the ww2's again , water must have been a bit hot ..... Patch took a bit of a hit And one with Jack's jerky patch Levi's
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    Another outing with the sidekick Engineered garments utility jacket Warehouse sweat Buzz chambray Conners sewing Factory M46 Vintage 60's converse Jack Coat Vintage ( 54-56 ) Levi's 503zxx Jordan's
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    Ooe / Joe McCoy / Cane's / Cabourn
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    Had a one-week-hiatus with the jeans, as they were in the dirty laundry, and I was busy with work and didn't find the time to wash them. Wore my SDA mystery jeans for the time being, and threw them in the wash yesterday, finally. Here they are side by side, freshly washed. The contest jeans are already way softer, but more crinkly than the SDAs. Anyways, quite promising fades on the way, as I think, but not much to see on the pictures.
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    Selling a bunch of ACR 3rd Arm gear at the moment. Bags and pockets. Check them out here. Thanks for looking!
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    Just received the 20's repro made by Ono-san who works at YM Factory. Very pleased to fill the 20's gap left by the whole TCB competition saga. And I'm happy to say the stitching isn't as orange in real life as it was in the photos! Can anyone explain the history of the little crooked stitch on the corner of the back pockets? I know the TCB pair had this too, so it must be a 20's detail. Also the cinch is a vintage Solide buckle, they put a little protector on it for delivery.
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    That’s what other people say about our jeans!
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    A few folks here have seen my denim three-pleat. This is the Cone synthetic 1880s fabric, which is lovely. Gnarly but not overdone. Although I like, for instance, the TCB fabric which looks great from afar, it is very high contrast and super-slubby close up. The Cone in comparison is far blue-er, and subtle. Now of course, thanks to Spiraltoy I have its companion, the same jacket in cotton duck. It's similar in construction to the denim version - but not the same. For a start, even though they're the same size, the pockets on the duck version are deeper. It has some selvage detailing - although not as much as the duck pullover. It's a different fabric. I thought this wasn't Cone, but apparently it is, according to me anyway(!) Again, I thought this might be Turkish-made, but my 2013 story says it was sewn in LA Here's a story on the development of the first duck replica fabric. Here is is alongside the duck pullover.
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    Looking for some new lights for the house and some interior design. The light shop looks pretty nice from the outside Chillin' while the lady looks around
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    Haven't been in the good ol' superdenim forums in a long time. Years pass and the clothes just get better! Some old old Left Field chinos and tee and relatively new Buzz Rickson ma-1. I love Buzz Rickson with a religious fervor.
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    since autum is around and the thread is asleep: young paul weller shows my favorite style for the colder days, a combination of a nice british tailored herringbone overcoat, probably made by aquascutum or burrberry along with some dark denim.
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    Got my Bounty Hunters back from White's. Took a little less than 2 weeks for a resole. Pretty happy with the work.
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    Indigo metisse twill Just about my favourite fitting trousers - highish rise, voluminous, right amount of ill fitting Pretty fast fading Worn a bit last summer as light weight, comfy kecks for anywear, beach or city Most likely wash, might hem them and bring them back in again next Spring Final pic in the super cool city of Copenhagen... Summertime when the livin' was easy...
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    I think the amount of irony that your new sufu account resembles the same as those you are describing on Grailed to be downright hilarious.
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    Well we had autumn cleaning in my neighborhood today so my dear gbg001 had to do some real work for once
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    Was a simple question, just wondering if anyone else had been receiving multiple offers from suspicious accounts, and while i do see your point there's no need to be a dick about it. You seem to think that just because one may not post often means they don't deserve some amount of respect, which is really quite hilarious if you ask me. Been hovering on here for around a year and thought it might be worth to ask.
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    FS: P34-E small, tried on - $1350 shipped in US, extra for international. J65-AJ medium, worn a couple times - $500 shipped in US, extra for international. Both for $1650 shipped in US, extra for international.
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    not much but muji-filson-oshkosh-rw
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    Making a big purchase of Lysol spray Glad Hand GangstervillexGlad Hand trophy 1607 Wesco
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    Cinema day with my main man Conners s406xxx M46 Warehouse lockhood sweat Conners s409xxx ww2 Converse jackstar
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    WTB: J25-SS medium black or raf, 8.0+ condition. I also have 2018 P10-DS medium and P10A-E medium that I’m willing to do straight trade for. I neeeeeeds that J25
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    Fullcount cap, Freewheelers jacekt, BR sweat, WareHouse 1001 denim, FH wallet and wallet rope, Redwing GT with DR.Sole outsoles, Kidnapped my GF's backpack
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    Hi guys, do you guys know what the current status for the Flat Head is? Will they continue doing stuff for you?