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poopie boy

Advice for school/business social event

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Okay so I am in my senior year of college as an Accounting Major...

I'm going to attend a golf tournament with 3 or 4 CPA firms that I'm really interested in working with. I know that whenever meeting up with any firm I'm interested in, I should 'dress for success' but this is not a formal event... so I'm not sure what to wear.

So far, I'm planning on wearing a plaid (red, green and blue) Band of Outsiders shirt with some Khaki pants (probably Dockers) and some white Common Projects court lows that I have.

Do you guys think this is conservative enough but also well put together? I don't want to look too fashionable (accountants are conservative) but I do want to look sharp and well dressed. I was thinking of putting a raw denim APC jacket on top since its at 7am? Should I do that? Should I stick with the Common Projects or do something sportier like a pair of New Balances? I don't have golf cleats...

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Okay cool. Just was considering it because the grass will probably be wet and slightly slippery and CPs are pretty flat and lacking some sort of traction.

We'll see how it goes...

Oh and one more question... shirt tucked in or not tucked in? If I tuck it in, I'd have to rock a white belt (will look gay) but if I don't tuck it in, will I risk looking sloppy?

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- shoes appropriate for golfing? guess you are stuck with CPs

-BoO isn't really tuck-in-able.. maybe find a shirt to tuck in (old partners or VPs might probably like a non-sloppy kid?)

-v neck sweater or something/ casual golf/Harrington jacket

yeah definitely don't pull out the navy blue club-blazer with the brass buttons or whatever

you don't wanna over-dress the senior-level people, or else you'd look too cocky

try renting golf shoes or something?

most importantly, be comfortable talking with them

have fun

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Yeah thanks vampyrvargfesten, thats what i was thinking... BoO is untuckable.

I have another plaid APC shirt I'll probably do, then find a decent navy blue harrington jacket and I should be straight. I'll go with that:

plaid apc shirt

decent navy blue harrington jacket

black belt

decent khaki pants

white (or black, since I have both pairs) CP court lows.. I'll probably go with the white's since the black ones are sort of faded/beat up from regular use.

i thought about renting golf shoes but i'm not sure on that.. i'll ask some alumni i know that got hired by these firms and attended this event.

One more question - who can point me in the direction of a decent/good looking navy blue harrington jacket and some decent slim fitting khaki pants? I say slim fitting because I'm kind of a thin guy and "normal" fitting pants would look baggy and sloppy on me.

I guess I'm going for a Brooks Brothers look that fits a somewhat slim guy (5'11", 150lbs, size 30 waist). What brands are suggested for these items (jacket and khakis) without having to spend $300.

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