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edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife


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Yeah, but if I had to get an AA light, I would spend the extra money and get a quark and have an extra 150 lumens.

Ideally I'd like to get an AAA light because i'm trying to get my keychain smaller. Completely rethinking the uses of it and have a concept in mind.

I'm thinking streamlight so far, but haven't looked in to them much.

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Yeah I'm looking at a few, might just bump up to an AA. Kind of want to try out an AAA and if I don't like it it'll just be a dedicated camping light.

So, is there any interest in black 1" split key rings? Zinc oxide coated steel, I can buy 250 for $11 shipped, or 1,000 for 21 shipped. but there is no way I'll ever use like more than 50 in my entire life, haha.

Looking for interesting hardware/rings for keychains. I believe someone posted a two piece ring that had a set screw to hold it together, any info?

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gross you bought the E10?

yea i bought 3. i have been trying to convince more people in non edc lifestyles to carry a light or sak. didnt really want to spend money on potential non use item. figured this could either serve their purposes well and launch their curiosity into purchasing a legit light or be a nice addition to their kitchen drawer shitty flashlight. either way i got some gifts for peeps and didnt spend a ton. i also bought myself a L0D to keychain carry in the 2 is one philosophy with my pd20.

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I fucking knew edcing a plastic bag in my back pocket was a good idea. Saved my leather jacket from getting drenched.

<3 edc

when i used to wallet carry i had a plastic bag in there (mitsuwa wsup)... one time at my engineering club they needed a plastic bag for something and when i pulled mine out they asked 'why do you have a plastic bag in your wallet'

still dont get why ppl ask those questions during the situation of need

but props, <3 edc. today my knife turned some empty water bottles into impromptu cups for rootbeer floats.. and juice s2 pliers helped unjam something in my friends car..

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Been hiking in the forest a lot this summer and since the EDC thread has been fairly dried up lately, I figured I'd post my forest hiking carry. I know, its not EDC but what the hell.

List n' shit:

M.U.L.E. cordura backpack

Some old hatchet I cant read the brand of

Gerber LMF II

Bug spray (tons of mosquitoes in hawaii)

Old 2 blade folder from my grandpa

Leatherman Juice Pro

Keychain: Tank007-703, Leatherman Squirt S4

Permanent match

.5L collapsable Platypus waterbottle

Necessities pouch with: bandages, gauze, electrical tape, 3/32" cord, basic knot pamphlet, VictorinoxSAK Camper, crappy flashlight, latex gloves

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@stunt: what do you mean by flimsy? flimsy to me connotes cheapness and weakness, it's far from that… if you mean looseness of the pivot, it isn't quite flipping speed yet but it's only been my 2nd day after maintenance. i'm still lubing, cleaning and manipulating to get it up to speed.

@hollows: the prices aren't TOO bad, considering these are handmade and authentic from the home of the balisong. should last forever too, if you take care of it. if you happen to cop from pinoysteel.com tell him bernard/edc sent you B). he's working on getting more made + picking some new models up too

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Stunt, I'm guessing the knife should be fine. Opinels are fairly simple knives so it'd be tough to get it wrong, unless you can see blemishes in the handle, etc. I'm assuming theyre pretty damn cheap at said store, because regular retail price on them is pretty low. I'd pick one up just to beat up.

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GoingGear.com is having a sale this weekend and one through October.

Use coupon code labor20 for 20% off the following brands and categories through Labor Day:

Arc'Teryx, ProTech, & Vaude Backpacks

Axes & Hatchets (all items)

Camelbak Hydration Packs & Accessories

Hammocks & Tents (all items)

Knives (all items)

Machetes (all items)

Sleeping Bags, Liners, & Pads (all items)

Steripen UV Purifiers

Trekking Poles (all items)


Use code autumn10 for 10% off through October 31, 2010

The coupon has no limit on uses, and no minimum order.

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-red OC coin purse

-red supreme comb

-(shoulda been red) all-ett wallet

-red carabiner, keys, and utilikey

also made this video just for "BERNDOG":

displaying ACTION FOOTAGE of a novelty comb that looks like a knife!


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Someone wanna finna help me get a stiletto?

I srsly do NOT need to be on any other forums for the time being. Let alone, one where I know I'd buy more than I'd like... And I know you all browse those FS threads all the time, and seen dem fo sal.e

Black, 9inches or less, that's what she said.

I'm cheap at the moment, so something cheap.

Aloha back.


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I have a Milano stiletto, it says Milano right above the release.


(i wouldn't order from this website though, they have bad reviews)

but super strong action and a solid knife.

if you wanna spend a little more...go with a frank beltrame knife.

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