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How you survive a plane crash, A PLANE CRASH, to end up dead A year later over drugs?


hmm well the drug overdose was on xanax etc, which he had prescribed because of his nervousness of flying planes after the accident. and as a dj, im sure he was in a plane frequently, we could all connect the dots

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Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein's passing this past week hits close to home for all of us here at REASON. AM was not only a remarkable talent behind the turntables, he was also a legitimately exceptional human being. Never in my life have I encountered an individual so tremendously gifted and well known with such a smal ego and kind heart. He was a strong supporter of our brand, a mentor to one of our closest friends, and a musical prodigy with an unbelievable skill that touched the lives of millions of people around the world.

When we first met Adam at the Magic Trade-show a few years back, he walked into our booth, casually introduced himself, and kindly asked if he could check out our line. No entourage, no hype, just AM and his oversized backpack. After making the usual small talk for a while we asked him if there were any items we could gift him to wear, to which he responded, and I'll never forget this, 'aw thanks dudes, but I wanna support you guys and buy your stuff from stores, I don't need free clothes, why don't you give that to someone in need instead?'. Needless to say we thought that was just about as cool as could get, and from the stories I've heard this past week that was just the normal demeanor for AM; selfless, kind, humble, and always looking out for others.

AM was the original DJ to bridge the gap between nightlife and street-wear. Besides being an active member of online sneaker and clothing communities like Niketalk and Superfuture, he was also streetwear's first real celebrity poster-boy. His style and eye for independent brands not only helped bring companies like Reason into the global spotlight, but also paved the way for many of the future 'street culture celebrities' like Kanye and Pharell. Simply put, AM was a cool guy. He helped make DJ'ing cool, he helped make streetwear cool, but through it all he was never 'too cool for school' like so many others.

None of us know the whole story surrounding his death and it's unfair to scrutinize the circumstances without all the facts, so lets not pass judgment, but instead lets remember him as he would have wanted, as a guy who was damn good at playing music. Anyone who's ever had the pleasure of hearing him play live understands what a true talent he was. AM was a master of his craft, arguably one of the most skilled DJ's of all time, and a tremendous influence on the nightlife and music scenes around the world.

The links that follow are to download DJ AM's live DJ sets at Elton John's 60th birthday party. Whether you're a professional DJ or you've never heard two songs mixed together before, I recommend you download these mixes and take a listen. Then you'll understand.

Firstly, props to the guys at reason for just being cool guys (although their articles of clothing generally just aren't my style). Also, DJ AM was an active member on sufu? Username? Or do they just not know what they're talking about? Anyway, I found that part marginally intriguing.

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hmm well the drug overdose was on xanax etc, which he had prescribed because of his nervousness of flying planes after the accident. and as a dj, im sure he was in a plane frequently, we could all connect the dots

It was Oxycodone... 8 found undigested in his stomach and 1 chewed up in his mouth. Sounds like suicide to me, how unfortunate

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