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Uniqlo F/W 09/10

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Thinking of proxying the S wool blazer from the Japan site.

Can anyone tell me how it would fit? 36/38?

i know this is the case for regular uniqlo.

this is true too for +j?

these are both the same question which you'd probably get a better response if you asked - for those of you in east asia, does the sizing fit more or less the same as similar items in the regular collection?

restocking all day, but some stuff i was told would take a while. were out of flannel blazers but said they'd have more out later.

still a madhouse there

they are definitely selling out of some pieces, i guess the question is whether they're getting in new shipments every day. i was keeping ms ready company and saw ups wheel in a half dozen boxes but no idea if they were +j or not. if that's the way they're restocking then that's not a good sign for saturday or sunday.

the vibe wasn't as cool as yesterday, there's now whole racks of stuff for restocking sitting just outside the scrim and other out of the way places downstairs. one nice thing is that the line had a lot more random new yorkers.

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I went this morning at 10:15 and there was already a long line in front of me. I must have waited about 1 hour before they let me in. I went straight to the suits rack. I was lucky that i found four blazers in XS and one pants size in 29. I bought the suit, very nice.

They were constantly restocking when i was there around noon. if you can't find your size, check the fitting room or just hang around a bit and hope whatever you're looking for will pop up.

saw homi. I think you don't have to wait in line if you tell them you are returning/exchanging the merchandise?

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saw homi. I think you don't have to wait in line if you tell them you are returning/exchanging the merchandise?
no, i saw someone try to do that (even had the bag and everything) and they were told to wait in line

yeah, we tried to do that so my girl could exchange her blazer - even gave them a sob story about flying out of NYC tomorow - but no dice.

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We got 1000 boxes of shipment in today.. and more tomorrow.

But that's just what they tell me, so that's what I'm telling you. Fuck off if you're getting pissy at my "wrong information". It's fucking Uniqlo.

I work tomorrow. Don't say hello.

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Since I live close by, I've been to the Soho store twice in the past 2 days.

I like how they handle the crowd. Yes waiting in a slow moving line isn't thrilling, but once you are in it's actually okay especially on Friday. Most annoying part of waiting is people asking you "what's going on here?"

Tip of the hat to the soho staff. Very professional, very helpful and no attitude. They actually focus on getting what people want onto the racks, and they would actually help you to find your size. IMO it's worth the wait if you go early, but don't bother in the afternoon.

The shirts all fit very well. Probably the highlight of the collection. I'm a little unimpressed by the whole menswear collection, after seeing women's - they have a much better collection IMO. The blazers are very slim, I'm a RLBL 40R these definitely have a slimmer fit. Pants/jeans are slim as it's been mentioned, I'm normally a 31/32 but had to go a size up but I don't exactly have skinny legs. The chesterfield coat has a kind of relaxed fit. The blazer in M barely fits me, but the coat in M is a very loose fit. I know you are supposed to wear something underneath, but it's just not a slim cut. Nobody seems to care for the v-necks but they are actually very nice, you can easily spend double or more on the same stuff.

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