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Redhead Appreciation


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funny fact:

K Stewarts father is a AD on TV shows, been doing it for years and is a real pro. one of these LA dudes who grew up in the industry and really is as dedicated as a person can be... my friend who is the stage manager for american idol says that he has never missed a day, never complained about late days, is more or less a hero... so, her dad was working on the ELLIS D show, and got fired for some reason or another, it really fucked him up, he never got fired before and is the cream of the crop of AD's in the TV game...

Now KS wont do ellis, during the whole twilight hype promotion thing she had it in her contract to never do that show... i think thats cool. she also bought him a house. even cooler. and she smokes weed, ultra trifecta of a chill person to me... honest, loyal, chill, hot.

now to pics of nude redheads,


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kristen stewarts not a redhead...? hot regardless.

i think she was for a little when she did twilightz?


she could suck my blood......

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