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FS: Visvim NOMAD & Skynrd Ring Mocs & Supreme


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Kareem came out with a press release about it

C1rca are breaking the rules with that shit that came out at some trade show.


"I am posting this myself. First off Javier Nunnez is like a brother and he has been down with Axion Footwer from day 1.I am the real Kareem Campbell and i own Axion Footwear solely just to set the record straight i have spoken to Raul at Circa and i havent heard back from. I will be straight to the point Circa attorney contacted me 2yrs ago regarding purchasing some designs i have done in the past i was open to the idea because i have done it with other companies in the past. Then i didnt hear anything from them then i was getting word that they was trying to stael my trademark by registering it in Australia then in the United States. I contacted Raul and its funny how at one time we spoke about doing buisness togeather then i spoke with him a few weeks later then he said that it wasnt the right time. I have been selling the remainder of the Axion shoes i have had for the last few years through the internet and certain close friend retail shops. So regardless of me doing full trademarks around the world and spending the excess money i choose to not keep up with the trademark until i was ready to relaunch Axion Footwear. Then i heard that they was trying again and my lawyers contacted me regarding the Brian Wenning youtube and they even downloaded the youtube. I have seen Raul at the febuary tradeshow and we have minimum contact since then. But just to keep it simple i own Axion Footwear so spread the truth and be on the lookout for my youtube breaking it all down. If you want to contact me hit me up by email at [email protected]. Citystars is back and we are on a industry takeover i just picked up Andrew Pott, Aquil Brathwaite, Josh Love, and Tulio Oliveria. Citystars 4 life and Axion Footwear 4 Life. Much Love Kareem Campbell aka Reemo"



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the kids are sleeping on that pack!

more blackness.


The classic ACR jacket that hasn't been retro'd in a few seasons... and may never be made in this material again.

You know the deal on this piece. acronymjitsu personified.

Flawless condition. Just taken to the dry cleaners.

A super thick semi-waxed cotton feel to it. Not a paclite or other goretex tech fabrics.

armpit2armpit: 65

cuff2neck: 85

frontwaist2neck: 70

$450 obo + shipping/fee's


1200px versions




Mr. ACR rockin the jkt



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vis cords added to front page

and also got some taps denim!

w)taps ol'dirty black denim


asking $130 shipped

Please look at the pictures carefully as you can see the hems are well worn and I'd recommend getting them chopped. Otherwise you can see from the back shots that they are still in bloody great condition.

These guys are baggy. Be sure to check the measurements!

waist: 47cm

front rise: 34cm

outside length: 114cm

thigh: 34cm

hem: 25cm



larger pics:



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