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Gore-Tex Cleaning/Care recommendations?

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I have a Gore-Tex jacket that needs a little cleaning, but I wanted to see what those with experience with this fabric have to say about the proper cleaning proceedure. Is it ok to Dry clean or is better to just wash it on gentle cold? I'm a newbie when it comes to this fabric, so all advice will be appreciated.

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POWDER detergent and hang dry simple as that.

any special instructions on your garment would pertain

to the face fabric that the gore tex is laminated to.

but if it is a nylon or similar material your good to go.

Keep in mind if your garment is wetting out or the face fabric

is absorbing water then you need to re-apply a dwr or rewaterpoof

it. I recommend Nikwax which there is many options depending

on what your jacket is made of.

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