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Funny, but recently people been giving me a lot of shit about my height. It's never bothered me before, doesn't now, and won't in the future. It's hardly a handicap, in fact it makes a lot of things easier. So what I'm below average? I've dated girls much much taller than I am and much smaller and I don't notice the difference and neither do they or they wouldn't be with me.

Personally, I prefer shorter guys. People my height at least...I I have some friends though and they say 'I'd be so embarrassed to date someone shorter then me!' but I think it's because they're insecure about their womanliness.

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7 - 7.5 / 39

Apparently I've got some fucking tiny feet - dudes in here be 5'4 wearing shoes two sizes bigger than I do.

I've been the same height for probably like three or four years now. Supposedly some other men in my family (my uncle, apparently) grew like three inches around 20 so here's to hoping.

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