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  1. I'm having a WG MA-1 (BR11734) in Slender Long and an M65 (BR11702) proxied from Rakuten. Anybody have any experience/information with the sizing of the slender long version? I remember the Selfedge size chart was pretty good, but I can't find it anywhere (tried Wayback machine). I based my sizing on the model pictures on Rakuten and went with a 38L instead of my usual 36 (for suits and pretty much everything). For reference, I'm 5'11" 152lbs, 35-36" chest. Afraid I might have made the wrong choice. Note: the package hasn't left the proxy yet and though the 7 days period mentioned in the site exchange conditions, I might still be able to have it exchanged for a 36L. Any input welcome.
  2. Alden 966 wingtips in burnished tan
  3. abbeyhorn / leffot Alden
  4. I have that watch on a gray Nato strap. For the price, there isn't much I can complain about. I definitely recommend swapping the original strap for a Nato.
  5. Those look great... Too bad there's no 28/29
  6. Any chance you'd ship it to France? How much additional cost (USPS preferred) ?
  7. Nice cankles
  8. It's kinda thick and the movement is "rustic". Nice watch though
  9. Haven't heard of Eric Glennie lately Here's a little reminder moar here:
  10. There's also the "Co-Axial Chronometer" version which sports a fancier movement and a 44mm case diameter. That version retails at something like 7k EUR. But I'd stick with the original...
  11. I'm pretty sure that's Jana Defi
  12. Machine washed 3-4 times (with very little soap) 1st wash after 8 months following washes when dirty
  13. Any of you had POGS?