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When the hell did flip flop with long pants become cool? Please tell me if you hate Flip Flops


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sorry i dont share all your views. i am a huge fan of flip flops, and wear them all the time during summer. its way too hot for socks and shoes. (people wearing shoes wihout socks is the grossiest thing ever). but i wear only the 100% caoutchouc ones from brazilian flipflop maker havaianas. and i think they go very well with everything, long, short , jeans, pants whatever. as long you have clean feet everythingl is fine.

but more important is function over form. its just more comfortable to have air on your feet than to leave them in some hot sweaty shoes.

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I knew I was right. The only people who wear that nasty shit is college students without a clue. Thank you for clearing this up people. Hopefully, one day I may be able to walk the Halls of the University of North Texas without looking a hairy men's apefeet draggin nasty shredded denim. And that shredded denim thing....that's another one. What the hell...cuff your shit Man!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey thomas.. those maharishi x gravis ones are so damn comfy.... haha. unfortunuately, they dont have em THAT cheap here. if you see em, for 12GBP again, please let me know. ; )

anyhow, in singapore.. flip flops are essential.. it get SO FUCKING HOT.. you wont even imagine. i wear flip flops all the time, not really by choice, but because its just so hot.

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I live in the tropics where its damn hot most of the time. I don't necessarily wear flip-flops all the time but they've been a part of life here. I never went to school with them though or go to a party....

--- Original message by john11f on Nov 21, 2005 11:54 PM

Yes, if you live on a tropical island it's OK.

Actin' bad like a kid at Six Flags...

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this summer i went with the chinese flat slippers becuase i loathe flip flops but couldnt take wearing socks and sneakers everyday. at $2 a pair they were great. i went through 2 pairs in 3 months but loved every second of them. they are surprisngly versatile. go with almost anything and can take a day out in the city.

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