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When the hell did flip flop with long pants become cool? Please tell me if you hate Flip Flops


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They look ok. Comfortable from what I hear. The problem is that I can't wear them. Despite my size 13 foot, they fall off whenever I try to walk in them.

Maybe I really do drag my feet when I walk.. Could be the reason why my leather slip-ons look like total shit.


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It's funny how guys who wear some of the gayest shit the world has ever seen say flip flops are gay.

Some of you are not qualified to make that statement.

Take those girl jeans and that man purse off.

Godddamn WORD.

And down here in Australia everyone has been wearing thongs since forever especially in Spring Summer where most days are 28 + degrees C.

as for the guy who said he wears jeans in summer: wearing jeans in this kind of weather feels really gross unless you enjoy giving them a soak in ur own sweat to get ur mad fadezzz.

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