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Imperial Jeans


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fit pics with bare feet always look so akward to me.

but regardless, i think it's a good fit. if you think it's too loose on the thighs, with such a high rise/long inseam, you definitely have room to pull em up an inch and they'll be tighter on the thighs.

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black kings

natural waist is 32: went true to size

height: 5'9

weight: 190lbs

decided to take a fit pic of these, just so ppl have a general idea of how kings fit for a bigger build. although tagged 32, they felt like a 31 when i got them, but over the time of two weeks or so it started to fit like a 32




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Guest devil.beside.you
Just bought a new pair of dukes, got it altered a little bit everywhere.

Tell me what you guys think of the fit? Is it still too loose on the thighs?




The fit looks good except for one thing..it's sitting too low on your body! If you look at the photos closely, you can see that the bump of your ass is stretching the denim above the pockets. People with asses that are on the flatter side can get away with it, but on guys where the guy's ass is more pronounced, it shows!

Maybe you should size down and wear the jeans higher so that the pockets fall on your ass properly? depends on how you wanna wear em I guess, but I think you'd be better off sizing down.

I've got a more pronounced ass myself so I notice these kind of things..

The fit along the leg is good though

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New standards have more of a steady taper. Shearers are bigger in the thigh area than new standards but as they taper the leg opening at the bottom is smaller (Kind of like a carrot). Also the inseam is longer which bugs the hell out of me because imperials are always really long.

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i think imperials are long so people can decide the length they want for themselves and hem them.

one more thing to add RE: shearers, the rise is pretty high but the fit in general is pretty much as Ricky07 has described, more roomy in the top, tapering quite a bit to the bottom (leg opening smaller than dukes).

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^^^what is up with that third pose? I don't know what the fuck you are doing......

Well, the second pic looks like you're sucking your gut in if you have one because the rise is too high for you. The idea is for them to stretch enough in the waist to wear them a bit lower. If you're comfortable in them then rock on and wear them. They'll continue to stretch. If you're not comfortable then maybe size up one.

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