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Imperial Jeans


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Shearer size 29...I'm true 32.5...

I dont know how end up with 29..bought from a sufu member, he said it is size 31, but when I got it, the size is 29...so tight..




can anyone let me know how to make the stacking looks neat?

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black kings, tagged sz 33. now measure 36. worn for... a year and a half? I dunno haha. I work in a bakery, and they became my work pants because I was working on some other denim at the time. as a result they've got flour and honey and cinnamon and molasses and all that crap like mushed into them. they havent been washed or soaked, gonna give em a wash soon and I'll throw up some more pictures. enjoy





^kinda hard to see, but I somehow rubbed off the polish on part of the button

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I also work in a bakery and at the end of every week my jeans are just covered in flour. They basically start to turn white. Dont think I could wear my raws to work.

haha do it dude! mine have like a white film on them. I cant wait to wash them and see how they turn out

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Imperial Shearers size 31

Work boots with fitted/skinny jeans. Yay or Nay?

Initially I loved these things but I think the top block is a little too loose. It sort of looks funky but whatever. You be the judge

personally, i think that fit is great. it looks great from the front, but that back looks a little awkward, although all imperials look like that cause of the huge back pockets. overall, the fit is on point.

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