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Imperial Jeans


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Dukes with a solid year of wear and a couple months change. Handful of a combination of washes and soaks. Working on some Ande Whalls right now. Putting these in rotation once in a while.

True to size and unhemmed.



looks great. love the look of the removed arcs

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This is approximately 8 months of wear with my Imperial Shearers. No wash, but i plan on washing them very soon. What do you guys think?

Why are you planning on washing them? How much have you worn them?

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x post from the evo thread

My imperial dukes size 28 worn for about 8.5 months? Had to wash these back in January because an asshat thought itd be funny to spray me with a fire extinguisher. Ridiculous crotch rip recently.






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Just received my SEXI08BK. Soaking as I write this. For those of you wondering, the baking pan is my waist size minus (-) 1". Great when soaking them in boiling hot water, but keeping the waist wearable for the first 2 weeks, after which, when they have stretched a bit, I'll soak again but without my prized multi-use(ful) baking pan. Perfect fit without any pain. I am a pussy though. Ha.



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a couple of month ago ordered some shearer pants.


upset about high rise and the loose thighs. anyway i put them on and after three days of wearing them one rivet on the right cut the fabric cause it wasnt well placed.


so, i throw that shit in the closet.

last week found them, cut most of the treads and tear it apart.


at this point the backpockets were already riveted.


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