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Imperial Jeans


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Anyone have experience getting Dukes tapered? Is it advisable? Mine drag a little bit when I throw on my Vans, which is an issue since that is everyday.

I ask since when they dragged at first my initial thought was to get them hemmed, so I had an inch and a half chopped and can't think of a more sacrilegious act I have performed in my recent past. The stacking that will be lost because of this will be missed. Will a slight taper solve my problem? Help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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oh soul legit,

yeah my thighs are pretty damn skinny actually lol, but it should fit a lot snugger after the hot soak, which I'm gonna do tomorrow haha. Basically, unsanforized = shitload of shrinkage. The measurements for the proxis are actually kinda weird because it's a huge jump in measurements when it goes from 28 to 29. like a good .8 inches or so, unsoaked. Cause I mean, Dukes are like 10.3 in the thigh and these are 10.9 so it's a pretty big jump for me. Anyway I'll be posting post-soak pics soon so stay tuned.

To skyline2, personally I wouldn't get my dukes tapered cause it makes your selvage look a lot wider which doesn't really appeal to me. You can scan the imperial thread for people that posted pics of their tapered dukes which look a bit off, unless you don't cuff em. so if you don't cuff, find a good tailor to taper but if you wanna show off a bit of selvage, don't. I wear vans on a daily basis but they rarely heel drag, if at all so it's never been an issue for me.

Everyone reading this is gonna be like "lawl this guy has like 3 posts, don't listen to him" but that's just my 2 cents. Hope it helps you

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I have no idea what the inseam is and I'm too lazy too measure haha. My guess would be that they're about 35ish. Just took some macro shots to show the detail and a show comparing the proxis, dukes, and 5010xx 6x6.







Not gonna soak today afterall cause the weather sucks for drying =/

soon though.

Edit: they're nice and slubby. yum, jean hairs

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I am looking to buy a pair of Imperial Shearers. However I am a tall and skinny guy with not much ass. I wonder if, with the high rise and roomy seat and all, if I am going to be ok with these? I am looking for this type of fit...:

just bought my first pair of imperials

they're shearers sz. 30. what do you guys think about the fit?


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Worn almost 2 years, through long bike rides, backpacking trips, etc. Couple machine washes, couple hand washes, countless repairs. Wanted to see how black jeans would fade, and turned out quite well. Pretty much retired, as I was having to sew them about every week of wear.





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planning to go 2 sizes down on a pair of black shearers....imma true waist 34 is it possible?

The lowest you should go is a size 33.

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