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I have recent;y started full time office work after a long stint of very casual work and playing in a band. My biggest problem with full-time work is getting used to the boring clothes. I am finding that putting together outfits for work is becoming a chore.

I was lucky enough to find some St. Augustine Academy pants that are wicked slim so I dont have to get around in oversized 'trousers', especially considering I like my jeans super skinny.

I own slim pants in black and charcoal, a fistful of shirts mostly in plain and patterned (ie stripes) whites, greys and blacks and stacks of skinny ties. I am, however, looking to expand my horizons slightly to incorporate some new elements and colours.

So my question is this: What do the supertalk office workers wear?

Fave brands right now are Robert Geller, Chronicles of Never, St. Augustine Academy, Rag & Bone, Burberry P.

Pics of your ideas would be great...


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