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What are you craving today?


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dismal do you actually eat a lot of korean bbq in korea

i could probably sustain myself on a pure diet of kalbi, kimchee and steamed rice (the kind you get in korean restaurants, not Chinese style rice)

nah, I did once upon a time but burnt myself out on it. I have a favored place that I go to, there are times when I go there and the bill is like $15 for two people or $28 for four, so it's ridiculously cheap, so I like it for what it is, but you can get sick of it. I don't eat other Korean foods really but have been upping my intake lately, I eat Korean food about twice a month now.

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i just had this for dinner along with salt + pepper fried frog. so gud.

i subsituted the salt and pepper fried frogs with salt and pepper fried tofu but that was my late night dinner.

kitkat is one of those things that i'll binge on for a while and then get sick of and then rediscover again. its an endless cycle.


i found an asian market that briefly carried this awhile back but it was only a limited time. :(

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with milk.

and maybe watching the price is right or something.

the old version.



yupppppppp bob>drew on price is right anyday..

i'm waiting for the girl scout cookie season..where they'll be on every corner downtown sf selling em' cookies.

right now i could really go for some crab cakes tho :9


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