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1920' Fashion

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I'm attending a historic ball in two weeks with a 1920's inspired theme. Any suggestions on where to look for photos and info on proper attire? It doesn't have to be 100% accurate, but anything that relates to that time period would be great.

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assuming you're a gentleman (or even if you're a lady, for a bit of inter-war lezzer action), surely you want to go for a bit of the old white tie? That is to say:

white cotton pique bow tie

dress shirt, ideally with a starched front

white cotton pique waistcoat (ie vest)

black dress trousers with satin stripe down seam

Patent shoes (ideally lanvinz)

Plus of course the tailcoat. This is cut with a long tail at the back, very short and double breasted at the front, with satin peaked lapels, like a DJ.

Possible accessories include:

Top hat

White gloves


White cotton pique scarf

Medals, if you've got 'em

Note if u rock this style it's important your waistcoat doesn't come below your jacket. If it does it's a sure ting that you rented your outfit rather than inherited it like you're supposed to. Here's a photo illustrating the difference:


here's a vid of some upper class stereotypes at just such an event:


Note u can also rock this with a kilt if you're from a well known scottish family.

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Thanks for the input everyone. I'm thinking slightly more casual than what was mentioned by Lloyd. Probably more along the lines of some of the shots posted on thesartorialist. I began my search today but didn't have much luck. Hopefully I'll have a little more success soon.

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