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Vintage Levi's and others

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>> i'm interested in vintage denim, primarily levi's, but really anything that is classic and at the level of quality and craftsmanship as old levi's. i know that there are a ton of posts on this site dealing with denim, but i am still unsure of what everything means when it comes to vintage denim. what exactly should i be asking/looking for (brands, years, etc.), what is the deal with reproductions in the tradition of levi's (i've especially read a lot about certain japanese brands), and where should i be looking (in nyc)?

i hope all of this makes sense. thanks.

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when it comes to levi's if you want true vintage, go With LVC, it is repros of all the best years of various cuts primaly the 501. the true classic levi jean is the 1947 501. many japanese companies replicate this edition and often they do it better than LVC, but still LVC is none the less extremely nice. Some Amazing Japanese brands that do that are Sugar Cane, Yen, Skull, and warehouse and samuri.

another good year was 44 if you like baggy asses

for true vintage hit up the 1890's...i think

use the search function and youll find loads of info about LVC adn levis repros


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