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ITT: disillusioned talks TO herself and leaves the rest of the internet alone


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^exactly, just because people "encourage" you does not mean you should engage them

and i disagree about raw/selvedge denim being the only kind accepted here

yes, there are some people on here who enjoy using selvedge/raw as source of superiority to lord over others, though these people are just as closed-minded about fashion as the diesel wearers. but raw denim looks "better "in general. theres no pitfall of having a really cheesy or fake looking wash.

posters here who grasp the more conceptual side of fashion also recognize the utility in jeans that have a more realistic wash... you know, as a piece that contributes to the whole outfit.

few brands do these washes well, and tend to be expensive. its not an aversion to pre-washed jeans, its more an aversion to things contrived and inorganic.

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just asked noble the same question i will ask everyone:

if you dislike me

& the idea of me

why do you perpetuate this?

i personally don't. i don't think it's worth wasting words over (more than this post anyway). there's one specific post from you that i read where i thought, "never in a million years would i be associated with someone like you." so i don't bother reading your posts entirely so that i don't contribute to the continuation of you being here. except for this thread though. it's pretty funny.

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