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CityHunter New and Used Sale!!! Stussy, Supreme, Mad Hectic, Silas, and more!

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Hello people. It's that time of the year again... Gotta let go of some gear that I don't really want to let go. My loss = your gain.

Here's the deal: I can only take Paypal payment and all prices include shipping. If you'd like it to be sent internationally, then please add $10 to the asking price. I'm trying to keep this thing really fair and simple and am not here to shank anyone with ridiculous prices. Everything's guaranteed authentic that's either bought from Supreme in NY/LA, Stussy from SF/LA, Union LA, or purchased in Tokyo. Just trying to make some loose change and get some of my money back. By the way, all the used stuff is in good condition and is definitely wearable. No junk. In any case, here's the goods! Cheers!

P.S. Shipping is via UPS Next Day Air Delivery

Please go to this link to see all the pictures in greater detail:


Used aNYthing x The Warriors x Rockstar (washed twice) Size L $15


Used Stussy houndstooth jacket (not even washed yet, wore once. has a tiny spot near the pocket but so small it doesn't even show on camera.) Size M $SOLD


New w/o tags Stussy quilted button up Size M $30


Used Stussy pullover sweater (looks faded cause of bad camera, but its a clean sharp dark blue. lightly worn.) Size L $SOLD


Used Vintage Supreme pullover hoodie (couple of seasons back. supreme print is cracked.) Size L $SOLD


Used Mad Hectic Tee (real nice and fresh, bought in Tokyo for a high price, worn probably three times lightly) Size L $30


Brand new w/ tags Supreme Beige Chino Twill Pants Size 34 Width x about 40 Length $98


Brand new w/ tags Supreme Olive Chino Twill Pants Size 34 Width x about 40

Length $98


Used Silas pullover sweater (very lightly worn, smooth red/rust color) Size L $SOLD


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gotta edit on the supreme hoodie. upon measuring the item, i noticed there's a faded spot under the supreme logo. it's light, camera doesn't pick it up. but hey, it's gone thru a couple of seasons so you gotta expect stuff like this! just trying to be fair to everyone!

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Im guessing the Stussy plaid fits big?

yeah, the plaid does fit a little baggier than usual. i would say it's in between a L-XL fit. not so much XL though but its bigger i guess because of the quilt inside it.

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sorry JohnnyWas... the guys already sent payment. thanks for looking though!

but hey, the supreme chinos are still available and their brand new w/ tags and cheap as hell (original is $125). i own a couple pairs myself and these are the most comfortable and durable things on earth! not to hype it up, but even the style editor of GQ in NY shops at Supreme only to get these pants cause he thinks its the best out there quality-wise.

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