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Interest check: Amsterdam Meet up

Amsterdam meet up?  

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  1. 1. Amsterdam meet up?

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Sorry to hear about your glasses Uinku.

Some concluding thoughts:

- indigo dyed chips

- colin + alcohol = next level networking/lobbying

- one of those two Fantastic Man editors wears beat-up Lanvins

- pair of beat-up Lanvins looks excellent when combined well

- SPRMRKT should throw (bi)monthly parties

- indigo dyed chips!!

- hard to tell the difference between prosecco and champagne when under influence

- the duck was talked about, held in high regard and missed

That's all for now.

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Right people.. Work is kinda boring right now in the office so I decided to post some pics instead!:D

Here comes more random pics from the SPRMRKT x Acne party!


More blue chips!




Colin x Uinku




Uinku dragging beautyfake out of the giant crotch

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^Word on that.

The stuff on sale were not necessarily that great. They should totally select their stands participants more if they're going to do another edition.

But yeah, I'd say the atmosphere was good and I had so much fun with the band 'contaminating' little kids who watched us on front row with our rather man-bashing lyrics ;)

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