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"Vajira" denim by Kuroki?

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This season Lad Musician is making some jeans with "Vajira" denim. Curious about what that is, I googled it, to find that it is a denim made by Kuroki; the famous denim makers from Okayama whose denim has been used for some Evisu stuff (including the crazy streaky hank dyed ones) as well as a bunch of other things.

From the Kuroki webpage;

Denim developed by Kuroki Co., Ltd. radiating with diamond like luster, is called Vajira Denim. Raw cotton with the highest luster was finally selected after every cotton from all over the world had been closely examined. Furthermore, our unique spinning technology accomplished the creation of "diamond yarn" with much luster and brilliancy. An original machine designer by Kuroki Co. Ltd. realized special finishing procedure not possible in standard machine.

I received a pair of the Lad Musician jeans today and they are pretty nice. Very light weight with an interesting color; indoors and from a distance they appear very dark but in sunlight it looks like a much lighter, softer shade of blue. The feel/weight of the denim reminds me of the denim on Rag & Bone's RB11 77075.

Does anyone know anything about the denim? The only mentions I've been able to find of it are in relation to the Lad Musician jeans.



In sunlight/up close:


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