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supersonic jet set love


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i love the new casa brutus "supersonic jet set love" magazine/cd.

it is one of the most beautiful covers designed by groovisions showing the concorde and how it should be in our memory. comes with a cd selected and mixed by stephane pompougnac.

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cd sucks... but who cares?-- since the package is so brilliant. didnt sound like concorde muzak to me. i was expecting more latinoxotic mixed with some cheesy 70s disco-- the kind of stuff that would have been on inflight audio if you actually flew the paris-dakar-rio leg around 1976...[van mcoy and the soul city orchestra, the ritchie family, barry white...] shit... chad, WE should have produced that cd...

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cd sucks...but who cares since the packaging is so fabulous. i was expected a more concorde latinoxotic trashy 70s disco sound...after all if you were flying concorde paris - dakar - rio de janeiro aound 1976 your inflight entertainment would have been van mccoy and the soul city symphony, barry white, barry mannilow and peter allen...



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i am glad you asked.

mdme nicole. obviously i am am older than u

van mcoy, the concorde, and avocados were the coolest products of the 70s.

ever heard of 'the hustle'?? or 'spanish boogie'??


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I also picked this up. I'm absolutely in love with the packaging. Also loved how you rip open that plane ticket to get to the CD. I don't think the comp sucks, but I definitely didn't feel like it put me in a Concorde state of mind (whatever that would be).

And nice to see Superfuture get a BBS running. But what's up with those scary avatar choices?

Jean Snow


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I love that artmovie about hi-jacks. don't remember the name but they play van mccoys THE HUSTLE all the time... it was so funny seeing the old arty farty people of berlin walking around humming the song... you got totally brainwashed.

Yeah. It's nice with a BBS but I gotta agree with Jean. What about the avatars? 400 to choose from, and 400 that sucks.


Keeping it fresh since 1979

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before van mcoy the only music i possesed was by slade and garry glitter. around 1975 i remember going into a shop with my dad when he bought <disco baby> for a party at home [yeh...my parents were very modern]... eventually the cassette got chewed up from overplay in the mid 80s and wasn't till i got to tokyo that i luckily discovered a re-mastered cd...i have still never seen any filmclips and not sure if he ever made any?

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i have some excellent news for wayne....

i would like to hereby officially announce the "Van McCoy Open Hustle Dance Competition" (sponsord by van mccoy music inc).

start practicing because April 1- 4 2004 in the Radisson Deauville Resort, Miami Beach, Florida there will be the ultimate hustle dance competition. there are cash and prizes totalling $5000!

however, there are some rules.

- All contestants *must* do the hustle.

- partner dancing only.

- No lifts, pre-choreographed side-by-sides or flairs allowed.

for more info see

[url=" http://www.discostepbystep.com/van_mccoy_hustle_contest.htm"] <a href="http://www.discostepbystep.com/van_mccoy_hustle_contest.htm" target="_blank">http://www.discostepbystep.com/van_mccoy_hustle_contest.htm</a>

[url=" http://www.hustleandsalsa.com/van_mcoy_open.htm"] <a href="http://www.hustleandsalsa.com/van_mcoy_open.htm" target="_blank">http://www.hustleandsalsa.com/van_mcoy_open.htm</a>

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chad that is excellent news indeed... can you be my partner? if we win we can reinvest the $5000 back into changing all the 400 crappy avatars on supertalk. AND WHY CAN'T I WEAR FLAIRS?

i hate these rules. motherfuckas/

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^^^damn.......how you doin old timer

speaking of old times, i just learned about this, maybe others have seen it already but i'm sure some haven't

the brilliance interview with wayne in 2005

some choice quotes:

"A supershopper will pay exorbitant prices for a pair of Bape sneakers. A supershopper might live in squalid housing conditions but regularly shop at Balenciaga. Not surprisingly, a supershopper usually has huge credit card debts and is close to bankruptcy by the age of 30."

"Many of the users are extremely savvy and articulate whereas a few are absolute twats. At one extreme you have notable denim experts such as Ring Ring, and on the other you have a psychotic women under a dozen aliases with a personal vendetta to destroy Isa Saalabi and Nom de Guerre."

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