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  1. chad

    Samurai Party @ the "BIG" Mansion

    the party was really nice. it is always great to hang out with denim nerds drinking beer. everything went smoothly until polishmike scolded me for eating too much cheese (i was really hungry!). the samurai guys were really nice walking around saying hello to everyone at the party and handing out presents with nori-chan translating. i look forward to the next event! thanks gordon! p.s. nice to see chicken taking back his role of photo celebrity. it looks like he misses the photo action from dd+1
  2. chad

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    hey just wanted to say hello from tokyo! i can't wait to see how things are going when i get back to nyc in a week.
  3. chad

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    the 13th seems like a good day to start on
  4. chad

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    I took a lot more pics of the jeans, details, BIG and painting, and I have uploaded them here. Thanks to Gordon, Chicken, Pesu, Yaz, and Noriko for a fun day!!!!
  5. chad

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    Noriko at work, Chicken with a birds eye view, and Pesu.
  6. chad

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    The patch was pre-shrunk by Gordon. Imagine Iron Chef crossed with Blue in Green with Gordon boiling the patch over a hot stove with cooking chopsticks. The pic shows before and after. Although it is hard to see in the picture, the shrunk version looks tight and has an interesting texture with the artwork becoming more defined.
  7. chad

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    Chicken, Pesu, and Gordon sketching some "13" designs before the painting started. Pesu did about 20-30 variations before the final one was chosen.
  8. chad

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    back from BIG after taking loads of photos. now have to download and sort through them. gordon also took some video!
  9. chad

    Dirty Dozen +1 (Around the world...)

    everything is in place now, so fingers crossed for this weekend!
  10. my beautiful new white macbook now has indigo stained palm rests. it actually looks less like indigo and more just a generic dark stain. everyone things i am filthy! i didn't realise but my hands become covered in indigo after playing with jeans all day.
  11. Greensboro, North Carolina http://www.cone.com/
  12. Oh just one more thing. I mentioned that the next season Evisu will have all Japanese denim, but there will be some new pieces with denim from Cone. The denim for many of the earliest vintage jeans that inspired Evisu's creation was made by Cone Mills. Returning to this source, Evisu will have a few pieces made with denim from Cone's White Oak mill where some of the earliest jeans were made.
  13. these days i am retired from superfuture, and now spend my time working at evisu. i can't give up supertalk though and still do the odd spot of mod'ing! all of the mentioned items are not for sale so I am not selling anything. just reporting some news.
  14. Evisu is totally re-discovering their roots, and I am so pleased to see it. So many people travelled to Japan in the 90's and stumbled up these amazing denim jeans that were quite unlike anything else available. Popularity increased, and there were some unfortunate problems with licensing, counterfeiting, and quality as the label suffered from growing pains. These problems are hopefully in the past. Each season the line improves with items like the green caste broken twill japanese selvedge jeans above, and some incredible denim from Kaihara, Kuroki, and Kurabo. Next season, Evisu really hits their stride with 100% Japanese denim across men's and women's lines, a cheaper price, a return to the godhead patch, vintage details like burr rivets and pillow fold belt loops, a slimmer back pocket seagull, and for the first time in years, a 100% made in Japan line that was done in collaboration with the Siotani twins. There are lots of other exciting things underway, like the opening of Evisu's first retail store (Tokyo transplanted to NYC), Blue In Green stocking Evisu and working together on the Dirty Dozen + 1 project, a choice of blank pockets for those die-hard fans as well as being able to have your seagull painted for the first time in the US.