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  1. nicole

    party paraphernalia

    yeah, that's where I found it...was just wondering if there was anywhere better/cheaper out there!
  2. nicole

    party paraphernalia

    does anyone know where I can get cheap metallic foil curtains like the ones in the photo? From anywhere in the world is fine, but asia or australia preferable. Thanks!
  3. nicole

    Tokyo - cheap accomodations??

    hotel arietta in gotanda is good - rooms are small, but without the revolting business hotel decor you usually get in this price range.. http://www.thehotel.co.jp Edited by Administrator on Mar 29, 2004 at 02:47 AM
  4. nicole


    great food too....
  5. nicole

    gsep's top ten australian designers

    sydney labels lover and beauty of nature definitely belong on this list.....along with jain from melbourne.
  6. nicole

    party party party

    yay chad! wanna come to the party?
  7. nicole

    party party party

    pharrell desu....
  8. nicole

    party party party

    the neptunes are a US band...never heard their music, but pharrel is apparently a bit of a spunk. jas-m.b. - the bag guy?
  9. nicole

    party party party

    bathing ape has their 10th anniversary party on sunday night at womb. had no idea they had been around for 10 years, but hey, any excuse for a party. special guests pharrel & chad hugo (the neptunes)
  10. nicole

    supersonic jet set love

    faaaaaaaabulous album cover..isn't that our missLA? and love the hustle...never knew who sung it though.
  11. nicole

    supersonic jet set love

    who's van mccoy? shocker site....