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concerts: coming, going, gone


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Saw BORIS last friday, Wilco is coming on the 16th and I have my ticket for that.

Boris was probably the best show I've seen, and easily the loudest.

The opening band, Damon and Naomi, was mellow and set a nice mood. Then when Boris came out and let the first distorted chord ring all hell broke loose.

I want to go see QOTSA when the come to Columbus but the venue they're playing at isn't so hot.

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qotsa always sound good. every time ive seen them, doesn't matter what venue. the only one i'd think they'd suck at is MSG. MSG just sucks generally though.

the only band i've ever seen that actually sounded good in MSG was radiohead.

the white stripes, oasis, interpol (well, they don't sound good in many places) have all sounded like ass-cakes in msg. they should ban concerts there.

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bss is playing that kevin drew stuff, yeah? id like to see how they do all stripped down without 36 musicians on stage. will have to check em out.

they played a few of his solo songs, but most of the show was bss stuff

LA got lucky with an emily haines appearance, but she won't be at any of the other shows

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I'd like to see FoE play that shit. Aren't many bands in this country who can touch Architects for raw ability.

i'd not argue with that, I just don't find Architects interesting where as FoE are doing something I do enjoy and pretty damned well.

the Lucero uk tour is possibly the only thing that i'll make it to before christmas, then Cursed in January.

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