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" i got hit by a car on broadway and 14th in 0akland.

blacked out, ambulance ride to highland hospital where i was checked in with minor head trauma, lacerations to the face(on several sites), a broken nose and the general "motor accident w/ cyclist".

my bike is actually perfectly okay, my face however, is bashed in completley. look like ive been shot.

best part is:

sitting in the hospital bed with my friends and parents outside worried and all i was nervous about was whether the EMTs ripped open my flannel to check my body for other injurys.

they didnt, all my shit was locked up in my messenger bag.

! yes!"

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update from my friend in UCLA he just finished his bike.


we did some work on this thing but it turned out good also!

cutting carbon forks is fucked >_<

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Hunting for some clips and straps I can toss over leather shoes without dinging them up. Any suggestions? I tend to ride my bike fixed just for fun, so I don't want to give up the clips. I've seen a few with leather over the steel, which seems like it might be good, but I'm just wondering if anyone has found a good fix.


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lol did he tell you about the carbon fiber splinters i got while cutting the fork..

how about the "integrated cane creek/fsa headset heh..

anyway it turned out good right?

help me convince him to bring his bike up next time he comes to visit ^^

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