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who leans that far forward when skiding anyways
Good for goofy ass skid comp showoff skids.
U can't even stop like that y would u ever do that in the street


seriously? I always would hit my legs on my drops when skidding.


you'll definitely catch it on your drops if you suck.

there we are

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all im gonna say is there's tons of unnecessary shit out there on everything all the time, even if it doesnt have s true function.

some call it steez, and to each their own right?

i'd rock his chopped bars to piss you guys off any day haha.

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my homie in NYC is putting together a group order of Ti risers. he's trying to figure out clamp diamaeter/rise/sweep right now and then will have them made. if tehre's any interest, PM me and i'll pass on your info.

also... FOR SALE

1998 KHS Aero Track frame/fork... $550 shipped in the US.

• bendy seat tube

• 55cm

• Stripped – needs repaint, which i'm planning on doing, but if you buy it stripped, i'll take off $100

SUGINO 75 ... $200 shipped in the US

• silver arms - normal, minimal pedal rub wear

• 170mm

• 46t sugino 75 ring.. good shape

NITTO deep drop aluminum stem ... $75 shipped to the US

• 110mm

• 25.4 clamp

OURY white grips ... $12 shipped

• brand new, just out of the pack

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looks great except for twisted spokes are the worst (or maybe that's crow's foot.. the pic is weird, but i'm not a huge fan of how that looks either).

is that frame all original? i've only seen one 3rensho in my size ever and it went for way too much.

Hi, its all original 56cm, no repaint or whatsoever.

Its 3x, the strongest and most classic lacing.

sorry if you dont like it.


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That better not be your bike. It's not the sticker, that's kinda funny. But a fucking ratty ass aerospoke on a colnago? That's a crime.

fuck that, it's his bike, I think it's pretty stupid when people make comments about frame/component synthesis. It's about as legit as brand synthesis. if it looks good, it looks good (but for bikes, if it's made well, well, you get the idea...seulement tout le monde)

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i just bought a CycleOps fluid trainer, anybody every ridden one? got it for a good price, and I think it'll be nice to get a few extra miles a day in at night while i watch the news...I've only ridden rollers though. thoughts/experience with fluid trainers?

I have a fluid trainer. Better then rollers. Rollers are really just meant for working on your spining. The good thing about the trainer is u don't have to worry about failing over and the bad thing is u can't pedal out of the saddle so u feeling like you're on a lifecycle.

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