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Nearly a year has passed since Softs entered into Superfuture's collective consciousness via the Urban Techwear thread, but for all its appeal at the time its offerings have remained mostly off the radar. This may be due in part to pieces selling out, small production runs, and the inability to try on pieces for most of this board.

For myself, however, opportunities to both try on and purchase CCP Japan x Softs Ghost Line have been abundant thanks to Trichome, and I now find myself with a small collection. I'd like to see who else out there has taken the plunge and address the brand's divirgent techwear path.

Personal photos of my collection bellow, as it's nice to have the comparison between stock photos and what a product starts to look like with wear.

Ghost Line Adapt Shirt:

Light-weight, long sleeve shirt. Sleeves attach with a trio of snap buttons, and when removed can be stored (comfortably) in mesh bags behind subtle zips in front of the armpits. Placket conceals snaps buttons and is webbed, so conceivably you could stick a carabiner through any portion of the placket and attach something light weight.


Ghost Line Beyond Coach Jacket:


All poly, raglan sleeve, water-resistant coaches jacket with some crazy design choices. Pockets purposefully curved to hold possessions to the center of the body when riding a bike. On back right below collar is a drop opening. Entire jacket is a pocket. Completely mesh lined, a hidden zipper in the side seam allows you to retrieve anything you happen to hide in it's cavernous interior.


Ghost Line 3D Riding Pants 2.0:


Cotton/poly pant that has quickly became a favorite for this time of year. Double cellphone pockets (see ACR) push front pockets forward, but curving ykk locking zippers reveal pockets that reach down the back of the thigh allowing for more to be carried while biking or walking (if you want to sit down on a chair, however, be prepared to unpack). Double darts on the thigh and a reverse pleat near the side seat give this pant an completely different silhouette, which can be further amplified with the curved velcro strip on the back of the calf. Think ACR P-10, but if folds the fabric instead of hiding it in a gusset.


Ghost Line Sweatshirt:


Mockneck heavy cotton sweatshirt with diagonally angled cuffs, a hidden drop pocket and hidden security pocket, and a ykk locking zip for quick removal. Simpler, but certainly differentiates itself for anything else I've seen called a sweatshirt.


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would be nice to see fit pics, esp of the pants

https://vimeo.com/113235797 Link to Trichome product demonstration for 3D Riding Pants 2.0 and Beyond Blazer (will take fit pic of how pants fit on me vs Bruised tomorrow).


https://instagram.com/p/2HDXbGivsb/?taken-by=trichomeseattle Trichome product demonstration for Sweatshirt.


https://instagram.com/p/qknLHTivgq/?taken-by=trichomeseattle Trichome product demonstration for Adapt shirt.


Dude, if Trichome started stocking softs gear, I'd fly there just to buy stuff (which would be cheaper than proxying from Japan, lol)

Started stocking? They've stocked ghost line since this past fall...not all of the pieces of course, but I (clearly) have been pleased with the selection.


ALSO! Co-owner of Trichome has a one-off Mohican Ninja Parka in an outstanding heathered grey fabric. Would love to see that posted up in here at some point.

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Bwqs7Th.jpg  nCTmbeu.jpg



1st pic does a good job of showing off the reverse pleat behind the side seam and how that creates a pretty unique look already.

2nd pic shows that P-10ish fit, with plenty of room through the thigh but when the pant is folded you can have it nearly skin tight on your calf. Final pic showing my dual cellphone pocket usage; one for my keychain, one for my phone.

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hello sufu.  wanted to update this thread with available pieces we carry at Trichome in Seattle.  See here:



here is more info on the pieces we carry from the softs site:


ghost line cargo smock

ghost line - beyond blazer set

ghost line - sweat shirt

ghost line - beyond coach jacket

beyond coach jacket update

beyond blazer set - how to use

adapt shirt

3d riding pants 2.0


Would be more than happy to provide additional information, measurements or fit pics.


use code ccpghostline for 10% off and free shipping on the whole site


the 3d riding pant is sold out.

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