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Official nu-soul and soulful-impossible-to-categorize black music

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You gotta give a listen to

* Steve Spacek - dollar (j.dilla prod):

live performance in vienna:


not the cleanest sound available, but download the mp3 if you are feeling the music

* John legend - save room:

videoclip here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5lZCJlJpcQ

* Sa-ra ! this is actually the album that i am most looking forward to hear.

catch a glimpse of the album here: http://www.sa-raonline.com/

post here any musics that fit in the musical genre that you would like to spread the word about :)

please submit feedback of the links i posted here

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pardon my newbie nature, but where's the rest of this thread?

i love angie stone's style. is she really retired from recording now?

wish there were more hits here. i love older hard to categorize music that preceded John Legend, D'Angelo, Maxwell, Floetry, Angie Stone, etc. it'd be great to know who else is mixin it up nice and spicy.

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still digging D'angelo honghong!

I personally like Bobby Caldwell, even if he isn't black, or new. How can you not be a forever-fan of that voice?

There are times, when you'll need someone

I will be by your side

I'd take my chance before they pass, pass me by

Oh darlin'

There is a light that shines

Special for you and me

You need a look at the other side

You'll agree

Boy you think you're so wise, so wise

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Guest bed

This thread isn't complete with Nino Moschella & Jamie Lidell.

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